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14 Encouraging Facebook Support Groups for Women

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If you’ve never been a part of a Facebook support group, you don’t know what you’re missing.   This is an untapped resource to meet and be encouraged by some pretty fabulous people. In today’s post I’m providing you with 14 of the most encouraging Facebook support groups for women that I could find.

Why should I join a Facebook support group?

I was really only exposed to Facebook support groups when I started blogging.  The network that is out there for the blogging community is absolutely incredible.  Not only have I met some really good friends through Facebook support groups, but I’ve learned everything I could possibly imagine about blogging from these people.

But since many of my readers are not bloggers, I wanted to introduce you to this amazing resource.  I have gathered together a wide array of categories, many of which fall into the Christian realm. If you’re a believer in prayer, we’ve got some pretty awesome prayer warriors right within these groups.  I encourage you to check these out, join a few and make some friends. Your life is about to change!

The benefits of an online support group

The Benefit of Support

The first benefit you receive is support.  Most of these are set up with the intention to help you in a particular category.  They aren’t led by a professional and should never replace a doctor or lawyer. However the participants are people who are just like you, who have gone through a similar experience and can offer guidance, hope, love and support that only someone who has been through the same situation can.  In addition to joining some encouraging support groups, check out How to Persevere in Spite of Challenges.

Not everyone has been through cancer.  But it’s those who have already experienced something like cancer who can provide a “through the eyes of” situation.  That’s somebody who is a great resource. And if you’ve gone through it, what a great blessing you can be to someone else.

The Benefit of Making Friends

I mentioned earlier, that I have made some great friendships through my participation in Facebook support groups. When you have something in common with someone, there’s an incredible bond that’s made.  It’s a sisterhood that can sometimes be hard to find in your local community. We laugh together, cry together, support one another and pray for one another. Can you really have too many friends?

“Right now, someone you haven’t met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you.” – Unknown

The Benefit of Education

Depending on your group, the level of education that’s available is awesome.  For instance, learning blogging skills is one example. In a Christian group, you may find devotionals and Bible studies available.  You may even find resources that you didn’t realize were available. In fact, it was through friends I met through a Facebook support group that I learned what Bible journaling was all about.  As a result, I wrote How to Start Bible Journaling for Beginners.

The Benefit of Prayer

When you make friends online, it widens your prayer chain.  I have groups that offer prayer for friends in need. Can we ever have enough people praying for our families, our situations or ourselves and the burdens that we have on our hearts?  When I was initially diagnosed with my illness, there were people all over North America praying for me. Word spreads when there is a need, my friends. In addition to that, I’ve gotten better at praying for others.

The Benefit of Friends Within Reach and Worldwide

Having local friends and family is wonderful.  However social media has enabled us to make friends worldwide. I’ve made friends as far away as Africa. Where else can you learn about people from different walks of life?  The internet is making friends out of strangers.

“New friends are like new adventures. You never know what lessons they will teach you.” – Unknown

Are you looking for support and positivity?  Well you’ve come to the right place. Don’t let the amount of members in these groups distract you.  Some have been established for a while and some are just getting started. I’ve selected these because they come from a wide range of topics.  Be sure to check out the ones that interest you. These groups are closed, which means you have to answer a few questions and request membership to join.  I encourage you to do so.  Some may have a few male participants, but don’t let that stop you.  Encouragement is encouragement, right?

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So without ado, I present…

Whether your challenge is physical, emotional, financial, spiritual or you’re just wanting to help others, these groups welcome you.  The idea of these groups is that you can get through anything with a little help from your friends.  For more help with challenges, visit 26 Powerful and Effective Tips for Overcoming Hardships.

Celebrating Midlife

Celebrating Midlife is a place to discuss all topics for midlife women – menopause, wellness, relationships, self-help, lifestyle, humor, recipes, and whatever else suits your fancy.  It is intended to be a safe, welcoming community for women in the prime of their years to feel supported and to offer support.  Midlife is an adventure…let’s take the journey together.

Motherhood with Lullaby Lark 

This group is a safe place for moms to ask questions, post encouraging memes and blog posts, and build community with other moms who are doing their best to raise kiddos who love the Lord. There will be weekly engagement opportunities and other encouraging content for you to enjoy. PLUS, there will be other perks and freebies that you don’t want to miss!

Christian Wives Choosing Hope and Joy in Every Season

Christian Wives Choosing Hope & Joy in Every Season (by keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus) is a safe place for Christian women to find encouragement and practical advice to grow in a Christian marriage.  Plus, as a way to help you improve communication in marriage, find free printable Bible verse cards in the welcome post.

Women’s Only Amputee Support Group

This group is for all things amputation.  It doesn’t matter if you’re missing a finger or all four limbs like I am, you’ll find happiness, sadness, frustration and anger.  It’s an emotional group struggling with coping with this major change in their lives, but without the embarrassment that sometimes adding the opposite sex into conversation can bring.

Encouragement for the Christian Homeschool Mom

This is a group for Christian homeschooling moms who share help, encouragement, tips, and resources for this crazy homeschooling journey.

The Joyful Life | Community Group

This is a group for Christian women seeking the authentic joy found by inviting Jesus into our everyday lives.   Their goal is to help women find the joy and seek beauty in every area of their lives – home, work, marriage, motherhood, family, friendship,  fellowship and community. They believe in being real, raw and vulnerable in order to grow in their walk with Christ as well as in the community and relationships with one another. If you've never been a part of a Facebook support group, you don't know what you're missing. This is an untapped resource to meet and be encouraged by some pretty fabulous people. Click To Tweet

God-Living Girls with Chronic Illness

A group for women with chronic pain or illness.

Encouraging Hurting Hearts to Trust in the Lord

This group includes Devotions, Bible Studies, Bible journaling,  Scripture writing and encouragement through hard times in life.

Christians Overcoming Depression

This group is for you if you struggle with sadness or loneliness, you feel hopeless or lost, you feel rejected, your mind is continually filled with negative thoughts, you feel overwhelmed in life, you feel you have no purpose or future, you are suffering from the loss of a loved one, you feel no one identifies with your pain, your heart aches to be loved and accepted, your life has no value, you feel worthless, or you feel no one sees or cares for you.  We’ve come together to support one another through our daily struggles.

Girl of Grace

Girl of grace is a place for Christian women to grow together in their faith and share tools to impact their world for Christ.

A Wife Like Me Gathering

A Wife Like Me Gathering is a place for all wives to find encouragement, support, truth and prayer.   This group is dedicated to providing beautiful resources for you to thrive as a wife.

Christ-Centered Mamas

This group is for Christian moms seeking genuine Christian community.

There you have it!  Please note: None of these groups are meant to replace a medical professional.   They are simply women helping and encouraging women through all types of situations.  If you feel that you need medical help, please contact a professional!

I encourage you to reach out and join some new encouraging Facebook support groups for women.  If you’re feeling ambitious, join a few. Just understand that it’s every bit as much of what you can give as what you can get.  As women, it’s part of our heart to reach out and help our sisters. Share your love and wisdom with others. In return, I’m sure you’ll receive bountiful blessings.

If you have had a wonderful Facebook group experience, I would love to hear about it.  What are your favorite groups and what has been the best benefit?

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  1. Facebook groups are such a great way to connect with other women in your particular season of life or who have similar hobbies or pastimes. I like what you said about having friends on a worldwide scale! I’ve made so many new friends, including you, that live across the US as well as on the opposite side of the planet. These groups make it so that no one should truly ever feel alone in this world.

    1. I agree, LeeAnn, nobody should ever be alone and Facebook support groups provide that extra resource that anybody can benefit from.

      1. I appreciate that, Cassidy. I think Facebook support groups are an untapped resource. What better way to make new friends as well as get the support you need.

  2. This is an awesome resource Wendy! I have joined a few Facebook support groups, and they are a great way to connect without judgment and get some valuable feedback and help! What a great list!

  3. Wow, this is a such an awesome list of Facebook Resources for Women, Wendy. It’s amazing connecting and finding support through a group that’s “been there & done that” and can relate to what you have been or are going through. Thanks for always inspiring and encouraging ME!

    1. I’m so glad you found value in my list, Angie. I have found that the best advice comes from those who have been through a similar circumstance.

    1. Thanks, Erin. I’m so thankful that you liked the list. Facebook support groups have been so helpful to me and I know others will benefit as well.

    1. Thanks Tiffany. I was happy to include Hope Joy in Christ in my group list. You’ve got so much to offer. And yes, Facebook support groups have so much to offer.

  4. Wow I didn’t know these Facebook support groups for women existed! Well I knew yours because it is incredible!!!! But I didn’t know some of these amazing people had groups. Just joined a few ❤️?

    1. Hey Jessie, I’m so happy you found some new amazing groups. Yes, we’ve got some great groups to choose from. And thanks for the great compliment of my group. I agree, it’s amazing!

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