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Hi there!  My name is Wendy Wallace and One Exceptional Life is my story.  I am a wife, mom, Christian inspiration blogger and author.  I am also a quadruple amputee. 

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This blog is about moving forward past the challenges of life, by growing your faith, gratitude and positivity.  You’ll receive inspiration, hope and a little entertainment. It’s for everyone who needs a little laugh and some sunshine in their life. We all have challenges. I want you to face your obstacles with a smile on your face and a conviction that you can get through it, and be even stronger than ever before.

      • Do you struggle with any type of limitation, physical or otherwise?
      • Are you a child of God and want to grow closer to Him?
      • Do you have challenges that you want to overcome?
      • Are you a fan of positivity, gratitude, kindness and optimism?

Well me too!!!  Some of the things we will talk about here are Christian living, overcoming  challenges, gratitude, kindness, positive thinking and a little bit of amputee living.  I like to approach things from an optimistic perspective.  You’ll find a lot of inspiration here!  My goal is to help you too, have One Exceptional Life!

About me


I am a wife of 30 years and mom of 3 20-something adults. We live in New Hampshire.  While the kids were growing up, it was really important to us that I stay home and care for my family and raise the children to the best of my ability. In 2011, I became a quadruple amputee and am still trying to figure out my place in this world, but with the help of my family, friends, and God, I am well on my way.  I have been blessed with One Exceptional Life and I am excited to share it with you.

How did I become hand-less and foot-less?


I’ve always been entrepreneurial. I had a home based business in the wellness industry that allowed me to stay home with the kids while still generating a great income.


Then all of that changed in 2011 when I got a life-threatening illness. What we thought was a bad case of the flu turned out to be something far more menacing. Necrotizing Fasciitis is a flesh-eating bacteria capable of wreaking havoc on the body and can often time be fatal.



The bacteria was basically eating my body, and it made my organs start to shut down. This affected my outer extremities which resulted in the amputation of both hands and both feet. I spent 2 months in the hospital including 3 weeks in a coma on life support, then 1 month in rehab before I could come home to start to live my life again.



My business fell by the wayside when I lost my hands. I often found myself saying “I can’t.” This negative mindset affected me in all aspects of my life. I’m reminded, almost daily, of all the things that I can do. I need to be more adventurous in my life and try even more things. With the mind and spirit of a young woman, I will no longer allow myself to be limited by this handicapped body and a negative attitude.



I finally decided that enough is enough. So here I am, willing to share the ups and downs of life with challenges, with the hope that you can learn from my struggles and mistakes. Every day I experience personal triumphs. I could give up, but I won’t. God saved my life for a purpose and I believe that purpose is to encourage you and be a great witness for Him. 



In addition to my blog, I have also authored an inspirational ebook called Victory Over Affliction:   30 Mindset Challenges to Motivate You.  This is 30 days of inspiration that is for anyone who struggles in their life.  Be sure to check it out.  Victory Over Affliction.



Throughout this blog, you’ll get glimpses of how I do different things as an amputee.  For example, many people want to know if I use a voice recorder to do all of my blogging.  The answer is no!  I wear a stylus strapped to one arm and my cell phone strapped to the other.  Most everything I do uses those two tools.  For more information on how I do things differently, check out:



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Furthermore, I am an open book.  Feel free to ask any questions.  You can ask in the comments, or email me directly.



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Meet my Family


This is a picture of my family which was taken at our youngest son, Matthew’s wedding in 2018.


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My husband Mike is by far my better half and the most wonderful person I have ever met. There are a lot of things that I cannot do on my own, like dress myself, shower or take care of the prep work that is necessary for me to be alone all day while he is at work. Mike is a diesel mechanic by day and a Sunday School teacher at our little Missionary Baptist church. Since I usually can’t cook dinner by myself, he takes care of that too now that we are empty nesters.  We are moving on into this next phase of life after raising 3 wonderfully grounded children, Michael Jr., Megan and Matthew.  


I’m excited that you’re here.  You will find spiritual growth, happiness, optimism, gratitude and help in overcoming challenges, here at One Exceptional Life.  Welcome!

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