My mission is to lift and support you to rediscover God’s joy and peace amid the trials in your life.

Women who face trauma long to feel confident and peaceful in their walk with God. To do that they need to know they are walking in His will and submitting to Him. The problem is, fear and confusion make it hard to discern the Lord’s direction. After trauma, women are often overcome with doubt and a sense of hopelessness. They wonder why the life they’ve lived in faith isn’t making their trials seem any easier. 

It shouldn’t be so hard to walk in discernment and clarity. I understand how trauma can turn a woman’s life upside down and make her doubt if she can continue to be the Godly example she wants to be for her family. It’s why I feel called to provide hope and encouragement through One Exceptional Life. 

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To help battle confusion and help change mindsets from pity and confusion to gratitude and hope, I point women to:

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Why me? I’m the most positive and happy quadruple amputee that you will ever meet. I get my joy from being a child of God, Momma to 3 awesome 20-somethings, a beautiful grandbaby and a fur baby, and the wife to my loving hero. But that’s just the beginning.

My name is Wendy and this is the backstory about One Exceptional Life and how it all began…

Have you ever had a time when your life was turned completely upside down?

Well, that was me back in 2011 when I contracted a flesh-eating bacteria that resulted in the amputation of both hands and both feet. 

What started as flu symptoms, progressed into a life-threatening illness within three days. The doctors told my husband and kids that I had less than a 1% chance of survival and to plan for my passing. My husband’s reply was, “you don’t know my God and what He can do!” 

My family never lost faith. Word spread, and hundreds of people prayed.  God saved my life, but I lost my limbs.  

After three weeks in a medically-induced coma, and three months in the hospital, I came home to a new way of living. My family loved, supported, and cared for me. But life, as I previously knew it was over. 

I questioned for a long time, “what do I do now?” God had a plan for me. But what was it?  Why did this happen to me? I dug into God’s word, I continually counted my blessings, and I was brimming with positivity.

But there was still doubt, hopelessness, depression, and frustration. I didn’t know what to do with myself.  And I was bored out of my ever-loving mind! 

But God was using my spiritual growth, gratitude, joy, and positivity to prepare me for the next stage of my life. 

Understand, my family never saw me as disabled, or incapable. So when my daughter Megan suggested that we go tubing, I thought she had completely lost her marbles. What kind of sense does it make to float a quad amputee down the river in a tube?

I was scared senseless, but up for the challenge. It was a day I will never forget. And it was the turning point in my post-amputation life.   

  • That was the day that I realized I was capable of SO MUCH MORE than I was giving myself credit for. 
  • That was the day my pity party ended and my quest to help other women move past THEIR challenges started.
  • That was the day One Exceptional Life was born. 

One Exceptional Life was created to inspire, lift and support women who struggle with their challenges. 

By growing your faith, gratitude, joy, and positivity, with the articles and tools I have created, you too, can live an exceptional life that you love.

“Moving through whatever you’re facing isn’t about merely surviving until it’s over, and then numbing your way through the rest of your life. Moving through is about continuing to live a life of purpose and passion—of always moving forward, never losing sight of our objective—no matter how devastating the unexpected is.” – Christine Caine

Here’s what you can expect from One Exceptional Life:

If you are a woman who is ready to step out of the pain & start healing her emotional wounds so that she can start enjoying her life & start each day with a spark for serving the Lord, her family, & her community, join us in THE ONE EXCEPTIONAL JOURNEY MEMBERSHIP!

Encouragement and practical help to discern the Lord’s will and walk in His ways so God’s women can feel the peace and joy of obedience and connection with Him. 

  • Our Overcoming Challenges category will provide stories and tips to help you work through your challenges
  • Our Spiritual Growth category will focus on getting closer to God and growing your spiritual life
  • Our Gratitude category will help you count your blessings in good times and bad 
  • Our Joy category will remind you that joy comes from the Lord and shouldn’t disappear with the winds of change
  • Our Positivity category offers ideas for showing kindness and inspires you to live your best life

If you’re ready for a season of growth when it comes to navigating the storms of life and rekindling the joy and peace that God intends for you, I’m excited to support you on your path. A personalized conversation can be a significant step forward in achieving your personal and spiritual goals. 

Schedule a Joyful Living Strategy Call with me to talk about how I can help you with the next steps in your quest for more joy, peace, and greater faith. Click here to schedule a call.

Consider this an opportunity to invest in your spiritual well-being. Let’s connect to help you take significant steps toward a more joyful and peaceful life.

Here are some of our most popular articles to get you started:

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If you want to know a bit more about me personally, here are some fun facts:

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  • My favorite food is ice cream, especially Magnum double caramel ice cream bars
  • I’m working on my third successful home business 
  • I love Survivor and Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows
  • I am a breast cancer survivor
  • I am a sucker for entering sweepstakes and I’m convinced that I’ll win PCH or the HGTV Dream Home someday 

Press Coverage:

I’ve been honored to be featured as a guest on many blogs, podcast shows, summits, and magazines. Here is a sample of some of the articles and interviews.

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And many more…

I am passionate about helping women like you, move past the struggles in your lives, and rediscover God’s joy and peace, by growing your faith, gratitude and positivity.  Welcome to One Exceptional Life!

You can reach me at [email protected] and find my daily inspiration and encouragement on my Facebook page.

What more would you like to know about One Exceptional Life?

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