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Wendy Wallace, Owner and Founder of One Exceptional Life

Hi There and Welcome to One Exceptional Life,

My name is Wendy Wallace and I created One Exceptional Life in 2018 with the goal to help women live a life of purpose by moving past the challenges in their lives, by developing 4 key daily habits.  I feel uniquely qualified to be their guide because my personal experience has taught me that “Everything is Overcomeable.”

In 2011, I contracted a flesh-eating bacteria which resulted in the amputation of both hands and both feet.  After several years of sadness and confusion because I just didn’t know what I should be doing with my life, I had a really fun wake up call. My daughter invited me to go river tubing with her.  My “A-ha moment” was the revelation that “Hey, look at what I can do!”  At that time, I realized that by the wonderful grace of God,  I was capable of far more than I was giving myself credit for.

So many people told me that I was a great inspiration.   So armed with the goal to inspire, and the daily activities I had been working on, that got me to that point, One Exceptional Life was born. 

You see as I previously mentioned, there were 4 keys that put me in the mindset that enabled me to get in that tube that day.  They are:

    • Growing your faith and prayer life
    • Growing your gratitude
    • Growing your kindness
    • Positivity 

I enjoy introducing my readers to new and unique products, services and articles that will remind them that life doesn’t end when we’re faced with roadblocks in our lives.  Through spiritual growth and growing our relationship with the Lord,  we know that all things in our lives occur for our good and God’s glory. 

I currently live in New Hampshire with my husband and our very spoiled rescue dog, Ruby. We are empty nesters looking forward to our next adventure, after raising our 3 incredible children. 

I am open to opportunities that would allow me to write on overcoming challenges,  gratitude,  kindness or positivity as well as products or services that I feel would be a benefit to my readers. I am also open to doing related product reviews or brand ambassadorships.  I am always open to collaborating with the intent of providing quality content for my readers.


One Exceptional Life is a great place to promote your product or business. Our site has over 12,000+ monthly page views, 400+ email subscribers and 9,100+ social media followers. As more and more women are looking to move past their pity party and into the next stage of their life, they will feel more positive and empowered, claiming their obstacles as battle scars. They will understand that their roadblocks are intended to grow them spiritually. This means our numbers are rapidly growing. 

The readers here at One Exceptional Life are primarily women ages 25-64. They are interested in growing their faith, growing their gratitude habit and reaching out to others and being the hands and feet of Jesus. They love their families and spending time with them.  Many are doting on grandchildren.  They love reading, especially the Bible, cooking or baking, and gardening.

Our readers realize that in order to live a joyful life they need to trust in the Lord with all their heart and lean not unto their own understanding.  In all their ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct their paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6.) They are passionate about Jesus, their families and overcoming, and love to explore products and services that help them to achieve just that.


Wendy Wallace is active on many forms of social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. She has plans for building her YouTube channel that will be new and improved by Q3 of 2021.

Facebook (1,400+ fans)

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YouTube (36+ Subscribers)

Ways to Work With Me Include…

    • Sponsored Blog Post or Series: Sponsor an in-depth post written by Wendy Wallace of your choice of any One Exceptional Life topic. Unlike standard sponsored posts or reviews, these high-quality posts generally receive continuing attention on Facebook and Pinterest and are always optimized for great search engine results.
    • Product and service reviews: Sponsor and in-depth product or service review written by Wendy Wallace, where your product or service falls within any one of the One Exceptional Life topics. I offer a variety of options, ranging from a paragraph in a round-up post, to an entire blog post where these high quality posts generally receive continuing attention on Facebook and Pinterest and are always optimized for great search engine results.
    • Sponsored social media posts/campaigns: Sponsor a social media post or campaign written by Wendy Wallace to promote your brand’s products or services, that are the right fit for the One Exceptional Life audience. 
    • Brand ambassadorship: Wendy Wallace is available to promote your brand’s products or services, working collaboratively to showcase your new or existing products that are the right fit for the One Exceptional Life audience. 
    • Guest posting: Wendy Wallace is available for both one-time and regular guest posting assignments. She writes on a wide variety of topics. From overcoming challenges and spiritual growth to gratitude, joy, kindness and positivity.

If you are interested in another type of partnership not listed above, let me know and I’ll be happy to consider it!

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