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My Daily Positivity Plan, planner page mockup

My Daily Positivity Planner Page (Free)

Wish you had more Positivity in your Life? Grab your FREE Positivity Planner Page that is focused on building your faith, gratitude, and positivity. Start with your prayer and Bible study at the top of your to-do list. Add to that an inspirational quote, your schedule, a section for gratitude, self-care, and your priorities. This beautiful planner page will put a smile on your face and a skip in your step every single day.

my personal positivity planner overview mockup

My Personal Positivity Planner

This Printable Christian Positivity Planner builds off of the free Daily Positivity Planner Page X12 and offers 750+ pages of undated planner worksheets that cover an entire year of daily, weekly, and monthly planner pages designed to help you grow your faith and prayer life, gratitude, and positivity while scheduling your life. Every month offers a new color theme coordinated by season. It’s not only extremely useful, but it’s also beautiful!

Praying Through the Storms of Life Bible Study & Prayer Journal

This Bible study guide is a Christian bundle designed to dig into Scripture using the SOAP acronym. The Bible verses provided will help you dig into the promises of God, so that you can feel confident that He is exactly who you need when the storms of life come. 62 pages of Bible study worksheets, prayer and note pages, Scripture cards and coloring pages. Grow a stronger faith, which allows you to cling to God during every struggle you face.

cultivate a grateful heart bundle mockup

Cultivate a Grateful Heart Gratitude Bundle

This 30 day printable gratitude bundle offers everything you need to help you grow your gratitude habit. Includes thorough journaling & planner pages, idea prompts, coloring gratitude cards, challenge tracker, artwork & more.

How to Get Closer to God Spiritually Ebook

Connecting with God is simple. It’s a simple matter of including Him in your life. Here, you’ll find, 15 daily habits for spiritual growth, as well as 30 additional ideas for connecting with God, all in one Ebook.

getting closer to God worksheet bundle

Getting Closer to God Checklist Bundle

Learn and implement the following with this Christian bundle:

The TOP ways to serve the Lord (during every single part of your day,) the simplest activities that will help you become the hands and feet of Jesus (and how you can be a lighthouse for Him!) And how you can grow your faith while everyone else is struggling (it’s never too late to find practical strategies to bring you closer to God!)

gratitude journal printables image, pink

Cultivate a Grateful Heart 7-Day Gratitude Journal (Free)

Grab your free 7-day Gratitude Journal to jump start your gratitude habit. It contains space for writing your daily blessings, a prayer point, a Scripture, space for answered prayers and notes. Also includes 6 Scripture cards which are great for memorization.

getting closer to God things to do checklist

Getting Closer to God Checklist (Free)

Are you seeking activities for bringing more Jesus into your everyday life? There’s no more wondering about the activities that you can do to grow your relationship. Grab your free checklist here.

faith over fear digital product held in women's hands, pink desk accessories

Faith Over Fear: Finding Peace in the Storms of Life

Faith Over Fear is a bigger, badder version of the Joyful Living Toolbox, that includes topical Bible Studies of Fear, Faith and Peace.  

This Christian bundle contains 78 Pages of colorful printables ready for you to create a beautiful binder focused on faith over fear, through Bible resources, prayer, gratitude and kindness.

Blessings Jar Kit

Blessings jars are a fun way to document the things that you’re  thankful for.  Pay attention to the things that make you smile throughout the day, and write them down on a blessings card.

Then, decide how often you want to dump the jar out to count your blessings.  When you do this, you might just realize that God’s blessings really are big enough to overcome any struggle in your life. Beautiful gratitude bundle that adds fun to your gratitude habit.

joyful living toolbox preview

Joyful Living Toolbox

If you need encouragement, ideas for positive thinking, help in your spiritual life, and reminders that it’s more important to focus on the positive than the negative, then the Joyful Living Toolbox is perfect for you.

70 Pages of colorful printables ready for you to create a beautiful gratitude, prayer & kindness binder all packaged together in one Christian bundle. Enjoy!

Victory over Affliction Mockup

Victory Over Affliction: 30 Days of Mindset Challenges to Motivate You (Ebook)

Victory Over Affliction is an inspirational digital ebook, to help you through any challenge that you may be facing!  30-days of inspiration to boost your day when you’re feeling personal limitations.

This is your own personal cheerleader to remind you that whatever your obstacle is, you can get through it, joyfully and successfully.  

Faith, Hope, and Love wall art mock up for Etsy

Faith, Hope & Love Wall Art

Printable Christian Wall Art Display of Faith, Hope and Love offers 3 beautiful prints with Scriptures from the KJV Bible, Hebrews 11:1, Isaiah 40:31, and John 3:16, They will bring joy, positivity & encouragment to your home.

One Exceptional Life Etsy Shop

Welcome to the One Exceptional Life Etsy Shop, where you’ll find the products on this page and MORE! Be sure to “heart” me as one of your favorite shops. Check there often for sales and new products.

Would you rather have individual mini Christian bundles instead of the complete Joyful Living Toolbox?  Well, now you can pick and choose the categories you prefer.

joyful living through gratitude mockup

Joyful Living Through Gratitude

Joyful Living Through Gratitude offers everything you need to boost your gratitude habit. Gratitude journal printables include journaling pages, idea prompts and more.  

joyful living through faith and prayer mockup

Joyful Living Through Faith

and Prayer

Joyful Living Through Faith and Prayer offers prayer binder resources for your spiritual growth? Printable scripture cards, scripture coloring pages, and more…

joyful living through kindness mockup

Joyful Living Through Kindness

The Joyful Living Through Kindness bundle offers a variety of tools, including printable kindness ideas, compliment cards, Jesus loves you cards and much more.

joyful living through art mockup

Joyful Living Through Art

The Joyful Living Through Art mini bundle offers tools to help you relax, like printable Scripture coloring pages, and inspirational art.

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