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Life is About Moments: Make Them Last Forever

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Moments are fleeting, here today, gone tomorrow. As much as I love experiencing the actual event, I have a poor memory, especially of dates and times.  Life is about moments!

That’s why I believe that pictures are so important. They capture an event or the activities surrounding an event so that you can bring them back to memory any time you look at them.  However, pictures can be tucked away and forgotten about. What if you could bring a figurine into your home that can be part of a collection of all of the precious moments of your life?  Well, you can.collection of empty picture frames, life is about moments, make them last forever, one exceptional life

Enter my Precious Moments figurine collection

What I love about these figurines is that I can buy them to remind me of important events in my life.  I have to be honest and say that I used to be better at collecting them. However, when we moved, I tucked most of my figurines away.  I really regret that, so I have decided that it’s time to add to the collection and showcase them for display.

I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite figurines and although you may not find the exact ones in the Precious Moments Website, you will have many other options to choose from.  Some of my most cherished Precious Moments pieces are from their wedding, graduation, baptism, and Mothers Day (which is coming up soon) collections.

Memorializing my Marriage-The Lord Bless you and Keep you

Mike and I were married almost 29 years ago in June of 1990.  At the time, I was a big fan of Precious Moments.  I really wanted to use one of their figurines for our wedding cake topper.  I added a ribbon so that it matched our colors, and placed it proudly on top of our wedding cake. Once the wedding was over, I cleaned the figurine off and displayed it proudly on my bookcase.  One of our wedding photos sits proudly in a Precious Moments picture frame there as well.Precious Moments bride and groom

Life is about Moments:  Graduation

I have the cutest little Precious Moments figurine symbolizing my college graduation.  I went to college, while working full time, and took my classes sporadically. So it was no surprise that I graduated from college 10 years after I graduated from high school.  When Mike and I married, we decided that finishing my degree was important. We were living in San Diego California at the time.  I found a school where I could take one accelerated class per month and finish my degree.

In 1991, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance.  Every job I ever held was in the bank, so it seemed appropriate. I worked until I went on maternity leave with our first child, Michael Jr.  Once my first baby came I never worked outside of the home again. Instead, I’ve built home-based businesses while I cared for our growing family.

Life is about Moments:  Memorializing my Baptism-He cleansed my soul

I grew up believing in God, but never really knowing much about him.  We rarely went to church, but when we did it was on Easter Sunday. When I met Mike, he shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with me.  I was saved when I was 25 years old.  We purchased my baptism Precious Moments figurine the day I was baptized into the Missionary Baptist Church we had been attending. I was so excited!

Precious Moments girl taking bubble bath reading bibleWhat a wonderful day!  I made my profession of faith to the church and followed my Lord in scriptural baptism as he asks us to do after being saved. Right after that church service, I made Mike take me to the nearest Hallmark store where I promptly picked out a little girl sitting in a bubble bath, reading her Holy Bible.

Life is about Moments:  Memorializing my Pregnancy-Joy on Arrival

How cute is a Precious Moments figurine with a pregnant girl and a stork bringing her a baby?  That is the figurine we chose for my pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. I am thankful that I had three healthy pregnancies and deliveries.  Each new child brought more blessings to our family and many more precious moments. Since the majority of my purchases came when we were a growing family, many of them had memories with the kids surrounding them.  In fact our kids’ first Bibles were Precious Moments bibles.

Life is about Moments:  Motherhood-Thank you for the times we share

This was a cute little figurine with a mom in her nightgown holding a coffee mug that says #1 Mom on it.  Motherhood has been one of my greatest blessings.  Of course, I want to buy figurines and picture frames representing the favorite job I ever had.  Additional figurines I have include baby’s first birthday and Jesus loves me, which according to their website is one of the original 21 figurines.

In the beginning…

Precious Moments started with 21 collectible figurines when the company first went public in 1979. I have a couple of the original 21.  Make a joyful noise is a little girl standing nose to nose with a goose. This was another one of their 21 original figurines.

purple flowers, old photo, life is about moments, make them last forever, one exceptional lifeThe mission statement of the company is to make the world a better place by helping others share the gift of love.  Personally, what I love best about this company and its products is that they encourage faith.  This company was established because of love for the Lord.  My goal is to support companies that are built on strong Christian principles.  This one surely does that. You can learn all about the history of the company.   Learn about the original idea by Samuel J. Butcher on the Precious Moments website. While you’re on the website, be sure to visit their blog.

I hope you can see how simple it is to create a Precious Moments collection.  My most recent purchase was due to the fact that Michael Jr was away serving in the Air Force. I felt I needed a representation of him since he wasn’t going to be spending Christmas with us for a while.  So I bought a Precious Moments US Air Force airman to hang on our Christmas tree.

I would love to hear what your favorite figurines are that you collect.  Please share your comments. As you can see, I love things that make me happy.  For a blog post about happiness, I’m sure you will love How to find Happiness:  10 Simple Ways. 

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them as well.  Also, in case you were wondering about your own Precious Moments products and their current value, you can check on that by going here.

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  1. I don’t own any precious moments and never have, but I love this. Life truly is about moments and part of embracing minimalism in our home was focusing on making memories instead of using things.

  2. I love this collection! I only have one precious moments figurine – of a girls praying by a window. My grandmother gave it to me when I was little and it still remains one of my most prized possessions.

  3. So true – life is about moments! They are all precious and life is too short to waste on anything but love and God.

  4. Reading this brought back memories of my childhood. I love Precious Moments growing up. I had some figurines, the Precious Moments Bible, and some coloring books. Now, I spend time documenting the same photo over time. For example, my daughter was born two days before Mardi Gras so she had a onesie that said “my parents found me in a king cake” (a special type of cake sold only during Mardi Gras that has a small baby figurine inside. Whoever gets it, has to buy the next king cake.) Anyhow, I am all for documenting life as we go so that we do not forget. Life is definitely about moments.

  5. What a great way to remember life’s best moments. I didn’t know they were a Christian company. My husband and I were given a bell with a Precious Moments picture of a bride and groom on it!

    1. Hi Annmarie,
      Yes, Precious Moments is a Christian company. If you look at the bottom of the bell you’ll see the name its been given. They talk a lot about blessings. I love that!

  6. I had no idea Precious Moments had an airman ornament. How perfect! My aunt collects Precious Moments figurines. I’ll have to share your post with her.

    1. Hey Lisa,
      Yes, they do have an airman ornament and it’s really cute. Thank you for sharing my post with your aunt.

  7. I don’t own any Precious Moments myself, but I know my mom has quite a few. I remember helping her pick out some when I was younger and I know some will be passed onto me eventually. I think they are great little ways to remember events.

    1. Yes, they are an awesome way to remember events. What a blessing that you got to help your mom. Picking them out is always the fun part.

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