How Arts and Crafts led to the Lighthouse

How Arts and Crafts led to the Lighthouse

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I mentioned that I enjoy crafts, but that is something that is very challenging for me. What that really means is that I get an idea and another family member, usually Megan, has to put it together. Of course I help, and l try to direct the idea I have in my head and she pulls it together. One of our most recent projects is how to decorate old windows.

It all started last fall when Mike and I were at our local fair. One of my favorite parts of the fair is the barns where you can see the crafts and wares other people have made, and they sell them. We came across this booth by local artist, Cathy Clifford. Cathy is the creator of beautiful vintage windows, belt buckles and jewelry, among other things. I was in total awe of the windows that she had on display and made it a point to start saving for when I could purchase my own. The other thing Cathy does is teach other people how to create these vintage windows. Not too long after, an opportunity arose for Megan and I to take one of her classes. What a wonderful experience that was.

Cathy provides all the supplies needed to create one of these beautiful pieces of art. She said that if you have any special family mementos, shells or antique pieces you’re fond of, those could be incorporated into the window. So over the course of about 2 hours she taught us how to layout our vision and add the necessary resin to make the window your own. Megan and I each made windows that day and they are hanging proudly in our home.wall art, blue colored pepples, shells, glass bottle, white frame vintage windows, amputee art, class stones, blue plates, white frame

Most recently, Megan and I made another window, this time from home. This was going to be a gift for my son Matthew and his new wife, Samantha. They were engaged at a romantic lighthouse in Portland Maine, so I wanted to make a window with a lighthouse and a beach scene. We compiled all the supplies we needed over the course of a couple weeks. I was using seashells, pebbles, glass gems, sea glass and casting resin, not to mention my lighthouse. I picked up an old window at a local second hand store and then we put it all together. It was the most beautiful thing we had ever created.

Lighthouse in a framed vintage window, colored glass

I was so proud to show it off. Then I took my 15 pound creation to ship it to the kids. I was so nervous that it wouldn’t get there in one piece but it did and they absolutely loved it. It’s now hanging in their new apartment where they can be reminded of that beautiful day at the beach where Matt professed his love and asked Samantha to be his beautiful bride.  We now have a beautiful proposal which resulted in a great idea to answer the question of how to decorate old windows?

Have you made anything you’re proud of? Share your story in the comments section below. Also, please check out Cathy’s website. I promise you’ll love all of her art.  Cathy’s Facebook page.

For other attempts at crafting as an amputee, check out My Venture into Painting and How to Make a Ceramic Bowl:  My Amputee Pottery Experience.  I’m always open to new suggestions to try new things.  Let me know what you think.

quad amputee sits on floor by Lighthouse in a framed vintage window, colored glass


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    1. Thank you, Lisa. If you ever get the chance to create something from an old window, I highly recommend it. Thanks for reading.

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