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105 of the Best Random Acts of Kindness

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Did you know there’s actually an International Random Acts of Kindness Day? Yes, there’s an actual day for you to go out of your way to pay it forward.  But shouldn’t every day should be Random Acts of Kindness Day?  Wouldn’t it be great if we made it a point to step things up a bit and make it a great day for the next person you see or talk to?

In light of that, I have come up with a list of 105 of the best random acts of kindness to give you some great tools for your kindness toolbox.

I challenge you to take this opportunity to share your love and kindness with others.  Go above and beyond to pay some serious acts of kindness forward. Include your kids and other family members and set the example of kindness everywhere you go.

In our world today, there is so much hatred and negativity.  It doesn’t have to be that way in our own lives.  Every day, we are given opportunities to reach out and help our fellow man.  Take the initiative to touch someone’s life today.  I am offering you 105 of the best random acts of kindness that I could find.  Most are free, but others are low cost ideas.

I have been the recipient of kindness all of my life.  That has almost demanded that I reach out and offer kindness to others.  I suggest that you do the same.  For a really great post on kindness, hop on over to The Kindness of Others:  Restoring Faith in Humanity and let me know if that doesn’t inspire you to help your fellow neighbor.  Let’s get started!

Best Free Random Acts of Kindness

    • Compliment drivers who park especially well or leave a letter of encouragement on their car
    • Pick up trash along your street.  How often do we find litter everywhere?  Go for a walk with a trash bag and clean up the neighborhood.
    • Hold the door or elevator for someone.  It’s such a simple act and these days, folks don’t even expect it. Make someone smile!
    • Thank a service member and his family for their service.  They deserve our thanks. The family serves too so don’t forget about them.
    • Leave a note of cheer or a dollar in a library book.  This is such a fun idea. Make somebody smile by leaving a “Have a great day” sticky note in a library book.  Better yet, leave it with a dollar bill.
    • When doing errands offer to pick something up for a friend.  It’s such a simple act, but what a great blessing to someone.
    • On Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, remember friends who have lost parents recently.  Send them cards or give them a phone call.  It will mean so much to them.

I challenge you to take the opportunity to share your love and kindness with others. Go above and beyond to pay some serious acts of kindness forward. Click To Tweet


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Best Random Acts of Kindness Challenge ideas

    • Make “thanks for making my day” cards and give them to someone who does something special.  You could also buy these really awesome premade cards.
    • Put your cart back in the cart corral.  This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I always put my cart away. I figure if a lady with no hands and feet can return her cart, you can too!
    • If someone drops something, pick it up for them.  It’s such a simple act.  They’ll appreciate it, I’m sure of it.  This is such a great idea for a random acts of kindness challenge.
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    • Drive a friend to the doctor or another appointment.  Coming from someone who can’t drive to farther appointments,  this is a tremendous help.  Often it’s hard to ask for help, so just ask if they would like you to drive them. It will mean so much.
    • Bake someone cookies or a cake.   This is another great idea to do it, just because.  Do I need a reason to bake you cookies?  Or can I do it just because I think you’re special.
    • Walk or run a 5k for a cause.  Not only will you get exercise,  you’ll be raising money for a great charity.

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    • Help your parents or aging friends and family members.  I think this goes without saying.  Family is important and it’s our job to help them out.
    • Call or write to someone special.  Nobody calls or writes anymore. It’s always about the text message. Break out the phone or pen and paper and let the special people in your life know you care.
    • After a wedding or funeral, donate flowers to a hospital or nursing home.  You don’t need them anymore, right?  So bless someone else’s day.
    • Make a meal for someone who’s sick or going through some tough times.  When I was in the hospital, we had a group of women who provided meals for my family.  It’s a touching and very helpful act that means so much.
    • Leave a positive review for an employee or a business.  I don’t know about you, but I read the reviews on a new restaurant before I go.  These reviews are important for the success of the company.  Help them out!
    • Compliment a stranger.  Let them know that the outfit they’re wearing is pretty or you like their purse.
    • Compliment a parent on how well-behaved their kids are.  We always hear kids screaming in the store.  Give that parent some grace. They’re probably having a tough day.  But for the well-behaved kids, compliment their parent. It’ll make their day.
    • Let someone cut in front of you at the store or in traffic.  Will one or two cars really make you late for your appointment?   No!  Let them in, smile and wave.


Best Random Acts of Kindness for Kids to do with you

    • Donate goods to charity.  When something you own has worn out its use, pass it on to someone who can really use it.
    • Write a handwritten letter or send a homemade card from your own beautiful stationary set.
    • Welcome a new neighbor with cookies or a meal.  Get to know your new neighbor and make a great first impression.  This is always a fun act of kindness for kids to do.  Mine loved it!
    • Give away your parking spot.  If someone is looking and spots are rare, give them yours.  Free smiles are yours!
    • Leave a comment on a blog post.  By the way, I love comments!  Bloggers work hard. If you like their post, let them know. If they ask a question,  leave an answer.  It’s a kind thing to do.
    • Donate used books to your library.  Every year our library has a huge book sale to raise funds.  They get those books from people like you and I who no longer need them.  So if it’s not a book you’re willing to keep, donate it for a good cause.
    • Ask a senior citizen about their past.  They just love telling stories.  Be a great listener!
    • Write thank you notes.  I’m talking handwritten notes, not an email.  Thank someone for a gift, a phone call or a visit.
    • Send cards to sick children.  For more information, visit Cards for Hospitalized Kids.

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Best Random Acts of Kindness that are low cost ideas

    • Buy lemonade from a children’s lemonade stand.  You will truly make that child’s day!
    • Put money in the tip jar at the coffee shop or takeout restaurant.  Leave your change or a couple of dollars. Most people, I would expect,  don’t do this. So be the exception and leave a tip.
    • Leave quarters at the laundromat or vending machine.  If you’ve got leftover change, leave it behind. I love random acts of kindness that are anonymous.
    • Put an extra quarter in the parking meter when you leave.  This is such a simple act that will leave a smile on the recipient’s face.
    • Leave a bigger tip for your waitress.  Who says 15% or 20% is the be-all of tips?  If they did a good job, leave an extra $5 or $10 over that 20%.  Your waiters and waitresses work hard.
    • Give to the veterans or organizations who are raising money for a good cause.  You may not think that your $1 or $2 matters, but if everybody gives a little, they will raise the funds they need.  The more you give, the better.  Plus, it always feels good to help!
    • Give to a homeless person or buy them a meal.  Don’t just ignore them!  Don’t judge them.  You don’t know their situation.   Help someone who is down on their luck.

For a printable of this list, click below!

105 best random acts of kindness


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Anonymous Acts of Kindness Ideas

    • Help someone at the grocery store who is short on cash.  This can be embarrassing so if they need help and you’ve got it, then share.  Please!
    • Give a gift card.  You can give a gift card as a gift, a thank you or just because.  It’s just a great idea.
    • Ship a care package.  Are your kids away at school?  Do you have a friend or relative in the military?  Care packages are great to give and to receive.  Plus, it’s a fun project!
    • Donate to your favorite charities.  They all need money.  Doesn’t it feel good to give?  They can also be a tax write-off.
    • Donate $1 at the checkout stand.  What’s an extra dollar?  They wouldn’t ask if there wasn’t a need, right?
    • Give a bag of groceries to your local food pantry.  At our grocery store,  there’s always a place for food item donations.   Even if you can’t give a whole bag, you can donate a few things.  Provide help when you can. It’s a great rule to live by.  I love anonymous acts of kindness ideas!

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Best Random Acts of Kindness to Show Love

    • Buy coffee or lunch for the customer behind you in line.  Many times when you do this, that person will do the same for the person behind them.  And so on, and so on!
    • Buy dinner for a service member.  I recently did this when my daughter and I were out to lunch. We simply told them that we appreciated their service and lunch was on us.  I got two free hugs that day.  This is one of the best random acts of kindness in my book.
    • Buy cookies from the Girl Scouts.  They earn rewards for their sales. The troop earns money for trips, badges and supplies. Plus, you know you love the cookies.
    • Pay for someone behind you in a toll booth.   This is similar to the coffee shop idea. You pay it forward and they will too.  It’s just a great idea and it’s also one of the best random acts of kindness.
    • Foster a pet.  We’ve all heard of pet adoption, but when a pet needs a temporary home, this is your opportunity to help out.
    • Shop locally.  We do more for local businesses by shopping at local mom and pop stores than big box stores. Make a difference in the little guy’s business.   They’ll appreciate it more than the big box store too.
    • Buy someone flowers, just because.  Here’s a great bouquet idea!
    • Buy Christmas gifts for an orphanage or a needy family.  If you don’t do it, who will?  Just imagine the smiles when they open those gifts!  What better way to show love than with random acts of kindness.
    • Participate in a fundraiser.  Every little bit helps!  Make sure you donate too!
    • Send a soldier a care package.  You can get more information at Support Our Troops
    • Donate to an animal shelter.  Shelters need food and other supplies.  Give where you can and if you can volunteer your time, that helps too.

I have been the recipient of kindness all of my life. That has almost demanded that I reach out and offer kindness to others. I suggest that you do the same. Click To Tweet

Spreading Kindness

    • Thank someone who has made a difference.  So often important acts go unnoticed.   Take a minute just to say thank you.  They’ll appreciate it.
    • Share your umbrella.  It’s fun and it’s cozy, plus it’ll keep one more person dry.
    • Listen when someone is talking.  Give them the attention that they deserve. Put your phone down and listen!
    • Volunteer!  Giving of your time to a worthy cause not only helps the organization,  but it will touch your heart and make you feel good as well.
    • Give someone the benefit of the doubt.  There’s so much judgement in the world today. Take a minute and just cut somebody a break.  You won’t regret it and you’re spreading kindness.
    • Be an organ donor.  Once you’re gone, you won’t need your organs any longer. Give them to someone who really needs them.
    • Call your grandparents.  Just say hello!  Let them know you care.
    • Allow someone to help you.  This might be a tough one for you.   Accepting help takes humility, but you can do it.  Don’t rob someone of their blessing by telling them no!
    • Write love notes to your spouse or kids and put them somewhere they’ll find it like in their lunch box or the book they’re reading.  You can make these up yourself or check out these really cute pre-made ones.
    • Wash someone’s car.  My car is always dirty, isn’t yours?
    • Write a list of things you adore about someone.  You can hand write it or use the notepad below. I would love receiving something like that.


what I love about you today note pad

Acts of Love

    • Serve at a homeless shelter.  These organizations need help.  Give of your time and energy.  You’ll feel the blessing right away.
    • Write letters to soldiers.  A great resource is Operation Gratitude.
    • Shovel snow or rake leaves for your neighbor.  When our kids move out, this job falls to my husband. We can always use help.  Does your neighbor need help too?
    • Babysit for free.  It’s hard parenting and sometimes they just need a night out. Babysitters aren’t cheap so give that couple a break and a night out that they desperately need.
    • Do a favor without asking for anything in return.  Why must it be reciprocal?   How easy is it to ask if you can help someone out?
    • When you make a meal, make extra for somebody that you know loves that food.  We do this often when we make soup, chili or chowders. we always make extra and share the wealth.
    • Walk your neighbor’s dog.  If you’re going out to exercise,  take a friend. Your neighbor and that pet will appreciate it!
    • Volunteer at the vet’s office.  What a fun job to be able to play with the animals.  Plus, they probably need the help and it’s a great act of love!
    • Bring donuts for your co-workers.  Who doesn’t love an unexpected treat at work sometimes?

More Random Acts of Kindness

    • Help someone cross the street.  If you see they need help, make the effort. They will appreciate it!
    • Offer to take someone’s picture.  Selfies are great but if you can take the picture for them, that is even better.  Give them a photo to remember.
    • Read to kids at the library.  I used to take the kids to storytime at the library every Friday when they were young and they loved it.  But the storyteller was always a volunteer.  Libraries need help and if you like kids, it’s the right job for you!
    • Save your soda can tabs for a children’s hospital, Ronald McDonald House
    • Gather a group to perform hymns or Christmas carols at a nursing home.  Our church family goes to a nursery home once a month to sing hymns to the elderly.   They sing along and love it and so do we.
    • Mentor a child.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters are needed everywhere.  Make a difference in a child’s life!
    • Help someone who has a flat tire.  If you’re able and someone needs help, then pull over and help.
    • Carry someone’s groceries.  This is such a simple act!  Offer to help.  You’ll make someone’s day!
    • Give someone the last cookie.  I know, this one might hurt a bit. But show them you care and give it up!

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Acts of Kindness to Make Someone Smile

    • Give up your seat to someone.  Give with a generous heart.  Someone else needs that seat more than you do.  I guarantee it!
    • Donate your hair to Locks of Love
    • Take out someone’s trash.  If the trash needs to be emptied, don’t wait to be asked, just do it!
    • Visit the elderly in a nursing home.   Unfortunately,  these folks are lonely and even if they’ve got family visiting regularly, they will always enjoy another visitor.  Let’s face it, nursing homes are sad.  Make them smile!
    • Carry out someone else’s groceries.   At the very least, offer to return their cart for them.
    • Brag on an employee to their boss.  Everybody loves to feel appreciated.   If someone does a good job, share that info with their boss.  It may get them a raise or a vacation day.  You just never know, but be kind.
    • Give someone a hug.  Hugs are the universal symbol of love. Share that love whenever you can.
    • Plant a tree.  It helps the environment.
    • Do a chore that your spouse dislikes.  If you can do that chore without your spouse asking, even better.  Surprise them. They’ll love it!
    • Bring someone a souvenir.  I always like to bring something back for my family when I travel. It’s a great way to let them know that you thought about them while you were away.
    • Do laundry for someone.  My personal opinion is that laundry ranks at the bottom of the household chore list. Offer to do someone else’s laundry. It’s a simple idea, but what a relief when it’s done?

Random Acts of Kindness for Strangers or Loved Ones

    • Give your favorite book to a friend. If you love a book, share it with others. Bless their day with your favorite story.
    • Give directions.  This isn’t quite as necessary now that everyone has GPS on their phone.  But if they need to know where someplace is, share the way.
    • Make cookies for your mailman.  He works hard bringing your mail every day. Why not give him a sweet to make his day and thank him for all he does for you?
    • Talk to the shy person at a party.  That shy person would usually be me. I can vouch for the fact that if someone started a conversation with me, I would be overjoyed. Give it a try!
    • Adopt a US Soldier – a great random act of kindness for a stranger.
    • Help someone who’s struggling, like a mom who needs help with a baby stroller.  If you see a need, fill it. It’s as simple as that.  Don’t be that person who just walks on by.
    • Write nice comments on social media posts.  Comments are tips for bloggers. We thrive on your comments and they encourage us.  So answer our questions and join in the conversation.   We love it!
    • Call your mom and dad.  I always feel like I need to remind my kids to do this. As parents, when our kids move out we miss them.  Stay in touch.  Keep them updated on what’s going on in your life.  Tell them you love them.  Find out what they need and help them.

Whew!  That was quite a list!  Those were some of the best random acts of kindness ideas that I could come up with.  I hope you can find one or two to do today, if not every day. I’ve written another post called 20 Beautiful and Loving Ways to Pay it Forward.  You may also be interested in Gratitude: Why Counting your Blessings is so Important and Gratitude from A to Z: Things to be Thankful for because I believe that by showing gratitude in your own life, it sure does help you share love with others.

Please leave your favorite random acts of kindness in the comments below.  We can also continue the conversation over on my One Exceptional Life Facebook page.

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  1. Wendy
    This has inspired me to write a blog, you have plenty of wonderful, loving ❤and really heartfelt ideas and messages.
    Thank You 😊🙏
    For being your authentic self ✨

  2. Thank you Wendz for such a great article about showing random acts of kindness. I am a believer of this myself, that it ripples once you show it to the world. Keep inspiring other people through your blog. God bless you.

  3. This is such an awesome post! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all the bad things that I have no idea where to even start to fight that. So here I am saying “hey! I like your blog!” Much love.

    1. Thank you so much, Jasmine. Welcome! I totally get where you’re coming from. There’s so much bad behavior everywhere we turn. My approach is with showing kindness to 1 person at a time. I pray if I can make a small difference, I’m doing my best.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the list. I hope you’ll have a great time blessing others when you partake in some of the activities I’ve included. Have fun!

  4. I like the idea of leaving some money in the vending machine for someone else. I could see how that would make someone feel happy if they could get a free snack or drink. I’ll have to do little things like that sometimes so I can help to make more people a little bit happier.

      1. Thank you so much for posting this list of kind acts. I was really trying to find some examples to be intentional to those in my life that I truly care. I think I was overthinking it, but it’s nice to see what others ideas to start somewhere.

  5. I love this list, I’m saving it so I can come back for ideas often. I love leaving a dollar inside a book at the library, this is such a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much, Carolina. I haven’t actually left my dollar yet, because it’s always been an afterthought. But I have left sticky notes to have a great day! So many ideas to keep us busy.

  6. There are so many kindness we can offer to others. These are such an amazing ideas. I really wish everyone can do these things to make the world a better place.

    1. So true, Fatima. Oftentimes we receive so many flowers in the hospital. It’s so much easier to pass them on. Plus it’s such an appreciated gesture.

  7. This is a wonderful list of kindness. I wish more people would spend time during their day to go be kind to others.

  8. I love the idea of baking cookies on a whim. I also think it’s fun to volunteer. Usually we get more than we give, even though it’s not in a monetary way.

    1. I agree, Rosie, that we receive so much more than we give when we show kindness. Can you imagine if everybody took a kindness approach to everyone they meet, what a great world this would be?

  9. I think this list should be printed and displayed in schools’ bulletin boards where kids can see it everyday. It is best that we teach them about kindness at an early age. I always try and help an elderly person (especially in the grocery store). I smile and a compliment can really help uplift others too.

    1. I really appreciate that Annmarie! I agree that we need to teach kids young and being a great example is a great way to start!

    1. So true! I think it’s important to touch other people’s lives wherever you go. They should walk away blessed, vs having a negative opinion of you.

    1. I get it, Joy. Although if it said something like “nobody here has parking talent except for you” it might make me smile, lol.

    1. I’m so glad. I figured that with a mega list like 105 best random acts of kindness, everyone was bound to find a few that they liked.

  10. We need so much more kindness in the world. It seems like the world gets crueler and crueler every day. We need to do what we can to help make it better.

    1. I agree, Stacie. Random acts of kindness are great ways for us to make our own little dent of kindness in the world.

  11. I love the idea of just living a life marked by kindness. Sometimes I think that if I can’t offer a big gesture or spend my entire day volunteering, then I don’t really have time to be kind. But, random acts of kindness mean so much. Paying for the next person in line, offering a compliment, or even collecting box tops for the Ronald McDonald house are all such great ways to show God’s love in a hurting world. Great post, Wendy!

    1. Thanks Erin. Yes, it doesn’t have to be a big gesture. We can do small acts of kindness in lieu of the big things if time doesn’t allow. Sometimes I think those acts mean the most.

  12. These are so good Wendy!! Random acts of kindness to me is being the hands and feet of Jesus with others. What measure you put out will not return void. Great Post

    1. Thanks so much, Angie and I agree. As the hands and feet of Jesus, we need to reach out and be kind to everyone we come into contact with. Whether it be a grand gesture or a simple smile, let’s spread kindness everywhere.

  13. These are great ideas. One act of kindness can change someone’s whole day. It also makes you feel good. We should always help out each other. I love the idea of commenting on a blog post. I do this often and I know how good it feels to read a comment on my blog. Thanks for sharing these kind ideas.

    1. Thank you, Charlene. Absolutely, as bloggers we should definitely help each other out. Whether its by leaving comments or using their affiliate links, it’s a great way to support each other.

  14. These are soooo good. Another one “Genuinely saying Thank You (and nothing else) when someone compliments or gives something to you.” This is such a powerful act of kindness and one that is so important because the act of receiving is often vilified and unappreciated however without the receiver there is no one to give to. Love this list so much. Thanks so much for sharing. Christine Michelle, The AlignedSoul at alignedsoul.com

    1. Thank you, Christine. You are so right. The act of receiving is often unappreciated. I don’t know why but it can be hard to receive something as simple as a compliment.

  15. Gosh, Wendy! it’s hard to pick a favorite! I will have to bookmark to refer to this list often. Love all the ideas but perhaps being a retired educator, I’d have to pick “Read to Kids at the Library”. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, Gail. One of my fondest memories of our kids childhood is taking them to the library every Friday for storytime and crafts. I hope you do that, you’ll bless so many young lives.

    1. So true Rachel! Something as simple as a smile or holding open the door can change someone’s mood. There’s nothing quite like random acts of kindness.

    1. This is really interesting. It feels great to do kind things to others without asking anything in return. This is sensational.

  16. This list is fantastic!! I particularly appreciate the ‘use the blogger’s affiliate link’ tip 😉 You have so many ideas here and I’ll have to look more closely at some of the links provided! Thanks for putting this together!

    1. I’m so glad you liked this list, Akiko. I hope you can use some of these tips in your kindness outreach.

  17. Wendy, I love these ideas so much! Spreading kindness is a big way we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. Thank you for sharing this list!

    1. Thank you, Becca. I agree that we need to be the hands and feet of Jesus and show kindness in all that we do.

  18. I love your article! These are all great ideas which can really brighten up someone’s day. I think these seemingly little things make the world around us more positive and a better place. I only wish more people would pay attention to it (and practice more often)…

  19. This list is awesome Wendy. I can donate months to making these things happen. Maybe I’ll do one a day for May (since clearly I missed April 28). My kids could join me!

    1. That sounds awesome, Brittany! I love that idea and I love that you’re including your kiddos. Have a great time!

  20. I really love these ideas! The number of ways we can be kind to one another are many. I’ve been spending a lot of time teaching our children the importance of those random acts of kindness. Thank you for this list.

    1. Thank you, Amber. I’m so glad you’re teaching your children. It’s so important that we share our kindness with our kids.

  21. I love these ideas for kindness, most are so simple. I personally really appreciate when someone picks up something I dropped, because I have constantly dizziness this little thing is big in my book. Many Thanks 8)

    1. Thank you, Debra. It’s nice to hear comments from the receiving end. Even though they seem simple, we really don’t realize the impact they can have on the recipient.

  22. Love this list! My favorite acts of kindness have been ones my daughter has come up with and asked me to help her with. We made a tray of cookies with a handmade thank you note from her that she wanted to drop off at our local fire station. She’s also asked on our way to school in the winter if we could stop to get a hot chocolate and breakfast for the security guard at her school who had to stand outside in the cold. Her most recent one was writing a big stack of thank you cards for soldiers and she looked up encouraging verses to write in each one. I’m sure I’m just being biased but I was so proud of her for wanting to do those things and it ended up being a blessing for me too!

    1. Emily, what a blessing to share in such great acts of kindness with your daughter. She’s got a beautiful spirit to come up with such great acts. Great job for teaching her, mom.

  23. These are some of the Best random acts of kindness all in one place! I’ve donated hair, thank people, use bloggers affiliate links and many others.

    One I enjoy doing is clipping coupons, and leaving them on the appropriate items in grocery stores, or getting paper towels started for the next person in public restrooms

  24. These are great! I love these, and some really resonate, like the ones about returning the cart at the grocery store or covering someone’s item when they run short. After all, “Do unto others…” I need to make my own “best random acts of kindness!” Nice!!

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica. Everybody needs their own go-to for paying it forward. I love your idea of a personal list.

  25. I love the “leave a comment on a blog post”…that’s such a good way to brighten a blogger’s day! We love to help our neighbors out with tasks including shoveling the driveway during the winter and picking up leaves. Not only does it make them feel special, but it makes us feel good, too, so it’s a win all around!

    1. Sarah, those are great ways to help your neighbor. Any time you help someone out, you are so right, it makes them feel special.

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