101 things to do in 1001 days

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

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Recently, I came across the idea to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days. In case you were wondering, 1001 is a tad over 2.7 years.  I was really inspired by such a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and therefore I decided to take on the challenge myself.  I am sharing with you my plans and will send you regular updates through my blog so you know that I am working hard to accomplish these goals. My start date was mid-September, so you can see that I’ve already accomplished some of these tasks.

Bold type print means the task is completed
Italics means the task is in progress
(13/20) means the number I am at, in progress

Here we go…My list of things to do



Earn income through self-employment
Create an e-course and sell it
Post 2 blog posts per week for 6 months (started blog 8/21/18)
Grow blog followers to 300
Grow blog followers to 600
Grow blog followers to 1000
Grow blog followers to 1500
Grow blog followers to 2000
Grow Facebook followers to 200
Grow Facebook followers to 500
Grow Facebook followers to 1000
Grow Instagram followers to 1000
Grow Instagram followers to 2500
Grow Instagram followers to 5000
Grow Instagram followers to 10k
Grow Twitter followers to 1000
Grow Twitter followers to 2500
Grow Twitter followers to 5000
Grow Twitter followers to 10k
Grow Pinterest followers to 1000
Grow Pinterest followers to 2500
Grow Pinterest followers to 5000
Grow Pinterest followers to 10k
Make Google the biggest source of traffic to my blog
Get mentioned by another blog
Attend a blogging networking event
Get an award for my blog
Write and sell an e-book
Get a professional headshot done
Get a freelance writing gig
Attend a blogger conference
Get published in a national magazine
Guest post for 5 of my favorite bloggers websites
Have another blogger guest write for me
Become an affiliate marketer
Get a 3 sponsored posts
Get a 3 brand collaborations
Start Facebook stories/videos
Start Instagram stories/videos
Refresh Melaleuca business
Relearn Melaleuca presentation
Start YouTube page
X-Create Google+ account-No longer available!


Pay extra $200/month on mortgage for 6 mos
Save an extra $100/month
Make $100 from my blog
Make $500 from my blog
Make $1000 from my blog
Increase weekly Acorns deposit to $50/month
Enroll 1 Melaleuca customer/mo for 6 mos
Enroll 2 Melaleuca customers/mo for 6 mos
Increase Melaleuca paycheck by $300/mo
Increase by $600/mo


Read 30 new books (13/30)
Write a book review
Take a paid blogging course
Listen to 10 personal development TED Talks
Listen to 10 personal development podcast episodes 
Learn how to take good blog photographs
Learn how to create videos for IG, Facebook and YouTube
Read a 5 personal development books related to online businesses
Take a public speaking class-Toastmasters
Read through the Bible


Lose 10 lbs
Lose 20 lbs
Walk 1/2 mile
Walk 1 mile
Drink 32 oz water every day for 1 week
Walk the church stairs by myself
Walk a 5k fundraiser with my kids
Start daily core workout, 20 min/day 4 days/week
Walk the fair (no wheelchair)

Fun things to do

Join FabFitFun
Purchase outfit from Stitch Fix
Purchase dinner from meal delivery service
Journal every day for 1 month
Take a hot air balloon ride
Foster relationships with other bloggers
Zipline ride
Ride in an open cockpit plane
Ride on a snowmobile
Go horseback riding
Go whale watching
Start a blog
Work on a pottery wheel
Paint a picture
Go tubing behind a boat
See a Broadway play
Visit NYC
Ride a motorcycle
Indoor Skydiving
Outdoor skydiving
Cook 1 meal/week for 3 months
Get new legs
Go on a hike
Go for a go-cart ride
Go up the Mount Washington auto road
Make a fall wreath
Go to the county fair
Go leaf peeping in NH
Go to the pumpkin festival
Go to the theater
Go to an estate sale & buy something

And there you have it. I talk a lot about blogging things here.  Visit The Truth About My Exciting New Blogging Career for how I got started.  Pray for me as I work through these goals. God willing, I will be able to accomplish this list. I challenge you to create your own list. Please send it to me via My Email here or join me on my One Exceptional Life Facebook page to carry on the conversation.  I would love to cheer you on.

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  1. My lists are daily and weekly and I have a white board for monthly and none of the items on my lists are about me. I am so making a new list today of things I want to do

    1. That’s a great idea. I love goals. I especially love meeting them and crossing them off my list. Good luck with your list. I’d love to see it when you’re done making it.

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