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Cowgirl Hats & Goofy Waves

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It wouldn’t be summer without a night out at a live music concert.  This is something that Megan and I love to do together.  Our favorite outdoor venue is real close to home.  So it’s a great place to see our favorite country music artists.  I’m pretty frugal and find concert tickets to be too expensive to buy.  I’ve only bought them a couple of times.   My favorite way to see concerts is to win the tickets on our local radio station.

If you want to save money at a concert,  buy a hat.  A few years ago, we bought cowgirl hats.  Neither one of us are big t-shirt fans and hats give us the chance to get into the real spirit.  So we wear them at all of our concerts now.

woman and daughter in cowboy hats, smiling during concert

One of my favorite bands is Rascal Flatts.  If you ever get a chance to see them, it’s totally worth it because they put on a great show. One of the reasons their concert is so great is that we know all their songs and we can sing along.  They’re very engaging with their audience.  My favorite part is when the whole audience sings the chorus of their songs without them. The music of Rascal Flatts really touches my heart. In fact, our youngest son, Matthew just got married and we danced to “My Wish” for our mother-son dance.  Additionally I feel like “Bless the Broken Road” is Mike and my theme song.

woman in cowboy hat, smiling in front of rascal flatts semi truck

Today I am pretty good about running around everywhere in my sexy prosthetic legs.  But at the very first concert I saw after my illness, I was still in a wheelchair. The tickets we won put Megan and I in the front row at a Lady Antebellum concert.  I was having a good time, singing along and dancing.   Dancing while in a wheelchair means waving my arms around and bouncing up and down. Can you picture it?   I think I attracted a lot of attention. I got the goofiest feel sorry for me wave from Charles Kelley.  I thought I would die.  Not exactly the way I want to get attention, but he saw me so I’ll take it.

Some of the best summer times are at concerts and I’m really thankful that my disability doesn’t prohibit me from going out to enjoy these little experiences that life has to offer.  Take a minute and comment about your favorite concert.  Who puts on a great show and why?

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