Having doubts & fears about changes happening in your life?

What if you don’t have to be afraid anymore?

  • Have you let social isolation and fear of separation from your family and church overtake your faith?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the challenges of this uncertain world and afraid about what that means for us as Christians?
  • Do you have obstacles in your life that you just can't seem to overcome?

Introducing...FAITH OVER FEAR: Finding Peace in the Storms of Life

Resources and Printables to Grow Your Faith and Prayer Life (Digging deeper into your faith brings peace and comfort when those storms come)

Tips and Tools to Grow Your Gratitude (Counting our blessings is one of life's best kept secrets to turn your focus over from negative to positive)

Learn How to Show Kindness to Others (Serving others allows us to focus on others instead of our problems)

What's in Faith Over Fear? Here's what you get for JUST $17!

Over 75 printable Biblical study resources, prayer information, gratitude, and kindness ideas and journaling pages to create a beautiful binder that will increase your faith and positivity.

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Grow your faith & prayer life

  • 30 days of Bible Study Resources for Fear, Faith and Peace
  • The ACTS method of prayer with complete details & Prayer Journal pages
  • 30 Printable Scripture cards
  • 5 Scripture coloring pages
  • 24 Biblical affirmation cards
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Grow your gratitude

  • 7 days of Gratitude Journaling Pages
  • 100+ Gratitude Prompts Blessings pages
  • 4 8" x 10" Inspirational wall art
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Grow your kindness

  • 150+ Random Acts of Kindness 
  • 2 special Random Acts of Kindness pages with resource websites
  • 24 Compliment cards for your Random Acts of Kindness 


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Let’s dig into the Word of God to study and pray about your Fear, Faith and Peace. Your peace which passes all understanding is within your reach.

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LET Gratitude, kindness & faith help you to overcome your challenges. PROVEN to work to put the tough times behind you.

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Spread kindness and love everywhere you go. WATCH as you spend more time on the IMPORTANT THINGS how much your FAITH can GROW!

The EASY BUTTON to surviving and THRIVING in these super uncertain days!!

Grow your faith and prayer life - so that you can hand all of your fears, doubts and worries over to your Savior and rest in the comfort that "He's got this."

Reach out to others, show kindness and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Our problems aren't so big when we are serving. Be the love and light that we're called to be.

Grow in gratitude by looking for the silver lining in every dark cloud. Having a growing list of blessings will always remind you of how much you have to be thankful for in the darkest of times.

Throw in a positive mindset, and you have all the tools you need to overcome any doubt, fear or challenge you face, with the Lord right there by your side.

Ready to STOP the struggle? Let your faith rule over your fear!


What people are saying about Faith Over Fear:

Faith Over Fear uses my favorite version of the Bible, the King James. Faith Over Fear is a lovely color and easy to read. I love the descriptions and incredible prompts and especially enjoyable are the compliment cards. The Faith Over Fear Toolbox leads the reader through studies on fear, faith and peace and having come through 2020, these pages are a balm in Gilead.Sandra Bennett, Thistle Cove Farm

I have had the distinct pleasure diving into the Faith Over Fear toolbox and it will be a rich blessing to so many in the days and years to come would be a massive understatement! I was immediately and simultaneously struck with calm, encouragement, and excitement for the future. I was in humble awe at the beautiful and purposeful layout and intention behind each page and order to its flow. This would be a great gift for the New Year as a jumpstart on your gratitude journey!" Susan Brown - Author, One Year of Thankful Thursdays

Hi! I'm Wendy, and every single day I put my best efforts into overcoming fear by putting my faith first. I'm a huge proponent of gratitude, joy, kindness and positivity. But...

You’re probably wondering why you should listen to me when it comes to seeking more faith, gratitude and joy in your life.  (I like your style, by the way.) You see…. 

In 2011, after a nasty bout of flesh-eating bacteria,  I found myself with both hands and both feet amputated. That's right...I'm a quadruple amputee with a big ole smile on my face, full of faith in my God. I believe that with faith, everything is overcomeable!

My faith and trust in the Lord has enabled me to bounce back and rebuild a great, happy and fulfilled life as a quadruple amputee. I have taken the tools that I have used to overcome the biggest challenge of my life, and put them into this toolbox called Faith Over Fear: Finding Peace in the Storms of Life.

My goal for you in using this product, is that you grow in your faith so that you always know where to turn when fear rears its ugly head. Grow every day in gratitude, kindness and positivity to create a beautiful life filled with faith and joy, that is capable of overcoming any type of doubt, fear or challenge that you face in your life. Enjoy Faith Over Fear!


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"The Faith Over Fear bundle is amazing! I was impressed by its thoroughness and I really liked that everything was explained and all I had to do was apply! It really allowed me to dig deep within myself and find that connection. This is a great tool for anyone that is going through a challenge, hard time, or just wants to find a way to get closer to the Lord. Plus, it's beautifully done! I would recommend this product 10/10!!" ~Megan Marie

"Thank you for Faith Over Fear. There are so many tools to help me in my faith journey! I like I can focus on scriptures on overcoming fear, finding peace, or strengthening my faith. I really like the resources that help me with my prayer life, like the adoration and gratitude prompts. The compliment cards and suggestions for random acts of kindness are great ways to help me share my faith with others. I highly recommend this practical toolkit if you are looking to strengthen your faith journey and leave fear in the dust!" ~Pam Hoepner, Life Creatively Organized


So how is this DIFFERENT?!

Faith Over Fear is interactive and forces you to think and do some self reflection. Physically writing things down causes you to add detail you might ordinarily not include if just thinking about things. The journaling pages enable you to write things out, record answered prayers and create lists of blessings to refer back to when you need encouragement. In a binder, Faith Over Fear creates an amazing workbook for repeated use. Detail helps put emotion and thought behind your actions creating a more productive experience. 

There are no limits to how many times that you print each page.  For instance, if you need more blessings pages or prayer request pages, just print them out as you need them.

What about my BIBLE? Why can't I just use that?

Faith Over Fear builds on your prayer, study time and the time you spend with God.  Bible study, gratitude and giving to others is an important part of growing your faith.  By focusing on the Lord while spending time in your gratitude journal, you’re able to offer prayers of Thanksgiving with every entry.

Scripture cards and coloring pages can also enhance your worship time.  You are becoming the hands and feet of Jesus as you perform acts of kindness to others.  

Why are Scripture cards and coloring pages important?

Scripture cards are great because they enable you to understand more of God's Word. Cut them out and hang them in different places around your home. Frequently reading the Bible verse out loud is helpful for for memorization and for better understanding of God's Word.

Coloring pages work in a very similar way. As you color, meditate on the scripture to bring more understanding.

I already keep a gratitude journal.   Why do I need this?

There are 7 gratitude journaling pages, one page for each day of the week. Faith Over Fear is more than just a gratitude journal or a prayer journal. There are hundreds of idea prompts, as well as 3 types of cuttable cards, coloring pages and inspirational wall art.  Not to mention an entire section devoted to Bible study and prayer.

I don't have a printer...Can you send the printables to me?

Unfortunately, I don't currently have an option to ship the package printed, in its entirety. However, your local printing company is a great, cost-effective way to print, or you can ask a friend or family member to print for you.

What guarantees do you offer?

Due to the nature of digital content, all purchases of digital products are final. No refunds will be given.  So make sure you have all your questions answered before you make your purchase.  However, if you have problems, email me at wendy@oneexceptionallife.com. I will do everything I can to make sure that you’re a happy customer.