Victory Over Affliction: 

30 Mindset Challenges to Motivate You


Victory Over Affliction book cover framed by flowers

What if I told you that you could, with a simple mindset change…

~You can get through ANY struggle?

~Believe in yourself

~Simplify overcoming challenges

~Get through each day with gratitude no matter what you’re going through

~Turn any situation into a positive life lesson

What is Victory Over Affliction?

Victory Over Affliction:  30 Mindset Challenges to Motivate You is an inspirational digital ebook, to help you through any challenge that you may be facing!  30-days of inspiration to boost your day when you’re feeling personal limitations.

Why should I buy Victory Over Affliction?

Many times, you just need that shot in the arm to jump-start your day and remind you that whatever your obstacle is, you can get through it.  Choose joy and have a great day!

With each day of Victory Over Affliction,  you will receive one of my favorite quotes about overcoming challenges, followed by my experience in applying that quote and creating success in any challenge. Regardless of your limitations, you will be encouraged that you have what it takes to push beyond your obstacles.

I am a quadruple amputee,who has had to struggle to find my way back to a life full of gratitude and joy. Through a close relationship with Jesus Christ and the love and support of my family, I have learned that my limitations are mainly of my own device.  I love inspirational quotes and I can use those quotes to show you that you’re just as capable of rebounding as I was.

Victory Over Affliction book cover framed by flowers

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“Just WOW! Victory Over Affliction is a must-read for anyone going through struggles – especial struggles they see as life-altering. Wendy shares her personal journey of becoming a quad amputee and realizing the key to truly living life to the fullest through her faith in God. Such an inspiring journey which proves that faith trumps fear and that with God by your side anything is possible. Day by day she takes you through many of the struggles she faced and how she used her faith in God to see that these weren’t meant to be obstacles – but simply detours for a different route to her destination. The mind is a powerful thing. You can’t change the things that happen to you in life, but you can change how you respond to them! Loved, Loved, LOVED this book!”

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LeeAnn Fox @ Kingdom Bloggers 

Spectacular! The whole time I read this book I wondered, “Did she write this specifically for me?” Wendy has a talented way to take a rare circumstance of becoming a quad amputee and use her motivation and inspiration to apply it to anyone’s struggle in life. This is a must-read!

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Jessie Synan @

Victory over Affliction is a truly inspiring book. Wendy Wallace uses her personal journey and all that she has learned and endured to help others and motivate them to achieve their own personal Victory over Affliction. I Highly recommend this book and feel blessed to be using it to help me in my life.

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Holly Bird @ Holly’s Bird Nest  Author, Shaken Dreams

Victory Over Affliction by Wendy Wallace is a huge win in my book. Each days’ challenge seemed to be aimed directly at me and had me desiring to do more, even when I wasn’t certain I could. Her honest approach to life is an encouragement to many, most of all me. A highly recommended, must-read collection for the summer of 2019.

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Sarah Brumley @ Lemon Blessings

Warning: Even though this amazing book offers 30 days of mindset challenges, I was not able to stop reading after the first day’s challenge. I kept reading, and couldn’t stop! Each challenge begins with an inspirational quote followed by a true-life anecdote from the author, and concludes with a mindset challenge. The length of each section is perfect for including in a daily quiet time, and the mindset challenges provided me with food for thought long after I finished reading. This book is an inspirational winner!

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Lisa Mitchell @ Fluxing Well

Wendy Wallace is the epitome of Victory Over Affliction. Her positive attitude and encouragement shines through every day of this 30 day Devotional. As a person with a debilitating chronic illness, I found this book encouraging and thought provoking.

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Jennifer Cannon @ Redemption’s Touch


One Word…AMAZING! Victory Over Affliction is a must-read for anyone going through challenges that our life-changing! Wendy writes about her personal journey in becoming a quad amputee and coming to the knowledge that she must solely turn to God as her source of strength and dependence to see her through her “new normal” way of life. Her journey proves that anything is possible when you complete trust and faith in God. She takes you on her daily routine in many of the struggles she faced and how she refused to give up and not see obstacles before her but a new challenge to overcome. Willpower and determination are powerful forces. You can’t change the things that happen to you in life, but you can change how you choose to let them define you! Loved this book and you will also because it’s going to change lives and point people where their true source of strength can be found…God!


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Angie Cleary @ Resounding His Love

As someone who struggles with serious food allergies, as well as being the mom of a child with sometimes-debilitating anxiety, I cannot say enough about Victory Over Affliction. Affliction looks different for everyone, but I believe we all have it in one way or another. The apostle Paul called it a “thorn in his flesh.” Others wrestle with cancer or multiple sclerosis, and Wendy Wallace is working to overcome challenges as a quadruple amputee (not to mention an addiction to sugar and carbs—and I can relate!). This excellent book is like a 30-day jumpstart to overcoming what can be our own worst enemy in dealing with the troubles we face: our own mindset. It is peppered with authentic motivation, raw and vulnerable real-life examples, uplifting quotes, and so much more. I loved it.

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Jessica Brodie @ Jessica Brodie/Shining the Light

For more information about the author of Victory Over Affliction, Wendy Wallace, visit One Exceptional Life or my About me page.

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