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The Joyful Living Toolbox is for women who don’t feel themselves.  Something is “off.” Maybe, the obstacles are just too big. 


You need reminders that through faith, gratitude and kindness, you can overcome anything.

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💜 7 days of Gratitude Journaling Pages (1 for each day of the week) 💜 100+ Gratitude Prompts 💜 2 Blessings pages, for when you need reminders of your favorite blessings


💜 150+ Random Acts of Kindness 💜 2 special Random Acts of Kindness pages with resource websites 💜 Compliment cards for your Random Acts of Kindness 💜 4 Beautiful “Joyful” 8″ X 10″ printable wall art prints


💜 30 Printable Scripture cards, plus a blank page for your favorites 💜 5 Scripture coloring pages 💜 The ACTS method of prayer with complete details 💜 5 Prayer Journal pages 💜24 Biblically based affirmation cards


💜 Victory Over Affliction: 30 Mindset Challenges to Motivate You

What our customers are saying…

"Wendy, As you know, my struggle with mental health issues is no secret. I'm getting the help I need, but it is so important to have outside sources of hope & positivity to make sure we keep our focus on God and His mission for us in life. Your toolbox is providing exactly that. I would have been blown away if you had only half of the resources you have in your toolbox! It literally has everything I need to give me reminders each day how amazing our God is and how to focus on the right things in life. Thank you!"
"Are you struggling to keep a positive mindset with all the negativity that’s surrounding you at every turn? With everything that’s taking place in the world today, finding positivity can be challenging. The perfect solution to keep myself in check is this AMAZING Toolbox Wendy’s created. She has faith and prayer, gratitude and kindness, and ways to turn your pessimism into optimism, and your challenges into successes! There is no way your life will not be changed for the better after going through the Joyful Living Toolbox! I highly recommend this product."

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive…

Victory Over Affliction:  30 Days of Mindset Challenges to Motivate You 

This is 30 days of inspirational quotes, followed by a devotional where I’ve applied that quote to show you how I overcame the obstacles facing life as a new quadruple amputee.

This little 30 day ebook is the cheerleader that you need to push further, with greater desire for happiness than ever before.  (Value $9.00)

Regardless of your challenges, you will be encouraged  that you have exactly everything you need to push beyond your obstacles.

Victory Over Affliction book cover framed by flowers

Questions smart people ask before clicking that "Buy" Button

How is this different?


The Joyful  Living Toolbox is interactive and forces you to think and do some self reflection.  It’s easy to think that you don’t need to put pen to paper. However, physically writing causes you to add detail you might ordinarily skim over if just thinking about things.  That detail helps to put emotion and thought behind the journal entry having a more productive experience. 


I read my Bible every day, why do I need this Toolbox?


The Joyful Living Toolbox builds on the time you spend with God.  Gratitude is an important part of prayer.  By focusing on the Lord while spending time in the gratitude journal pages, you’re able to offer prayers of Thanksgiving for each entry.

Scripture cards and coloring pages will also enhance your worship time.  Plus you are becoming the hands and feet of Jesus as you perform acts of kindness to others.  


How big are the printables?


Each page is  8.5″ x 11″  

The Wall art will fit in an 8″ X 10″ picture frame

Total Pages: 70


How do I receive it?


For immediate download.  This is a digital product.  The file comes to you via email for you to use or print.  No item will be shipped.


How safe is my transaction?


The payment processor we use is PayPal, which is known for their safety.  Their website is secure and encrypted, meaning shopping online is safe.


What guarantees do you offer?


Due to the fact that our products are all digital downloads, refunds are not accepted. However, if you have any issues with your purchase please contact me at [email protected]


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