Wendy Wallace Christian Life Coach
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Starts September 18th

Stop letting your challenges derail your faith!

Rediscover God's joy, peace, fulfillment, and positivity amid your struggles.

This event is for you if you want to...

Deepen your relationship with the Lord and grow your faith so that it doesn't waiver when times get hard.

And you want to learn to rebound from your struggles, and get back into living a life that glorifies God!

Learn from the experts who’ve impacted millions!

5 Days - 5 Speakers per Day

Interviews will be released each day over the 5 days.  You will have 24 hours to view the videos, and then we move on to the next day's speakers.

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Summit Speaker  - Jodi Rosser

What if Your Greatest Heartbreak Catapults You to Your Greatest Growth?

Kristin Speaker image

Silence that Inner Mean Girl!

Summit Speaker  - Lori Schumaker

Using Gratitude In the Fight for Everlasting Joy and Hope

Summit Speaker  - LaVonda McCullough

Experiencing Life Transformation through an Intimate Relationship with God

Summit Speaker  - Jackie Lentz

Living with God Confidence

Summit Speaker  - Maree Dee

Is it Possible to Embrace Joy When Your World Turns Upside Down?

Summit Speaker  - Arabah Joy

Trusting God When Your Heart is Broken and Life Doesn't Make Sense

Summit Speaker  - Angie Baughman

When God's Hard Truth Met My Hard Story

Summit Speaker  - Amanda Schaefer

The Compassionate Love of God

Summit Speaker  - Maribeth Ditmars

Supersize Your Hope

Summit Speaker  - Karen Ellis

Encouragement for Others and Ourselves

Summit Speaker  - Mary Ussery

“Rise and Thrive” Overcoming Challenges, Finding Balance, Empowering Oneself

Summit Speaker  - Emily Downes

Cultivating a Victorious Mindset

Summit Speaker  - Jessie Synan

Praying God's Will When Life is in Chaos

Summit Speaker  - Susan Brown

The Importance of Gratitude

Summit Speaker  - Heather Hart

Living with Chronic Pain

Summit Speaker  - Gabe Cox

Flipping the Script on Limiting Beliefs

Summit Speaker  - Amy Lively

Can I Have a Cup of Hope? Sharing Your Faith With a Friend

Summit Speaker - Arris Charles

The Power of Purpose: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out

Summit Speaker  - Amanda Blackwood

From Trauma to Triumph - How God Shows Up in the Darkest Hours

Summit Speaker  - Nicole Williams

Forgiveness and Our Relationships: The Hidden Path to Healing

Summit Speaker  - Pamela Henkelman

Thriving With Your Adult Kids

Summit Speaker  - Twyla Franz

Living a Faith That Ripples Into Your Neighborhood

Summit Speaker  - Mary Armand

Why Sharing Our Story Matters

Speaker image - Wendy brown haired lady, blue flowered shirt

Growing your Joy, Peace, and Faith Through Life's Struggles

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Meet Your Host:

Hi! I'm Wendy Wallace, wife, Momma, Memaw, and daughter of the King. I'm a Christian Living and Positivity coach, inspirational blogger at One Exceptional Life, and ice cream, and flower lover.  I am also a quadruple amputee.

A flesh-eating bacterial infection led to a coma, a 3-month hospital stay, and the amputations of both hands and both feet.  What you might consider the worst thing that could've happened, actually was for my good and God's glory. God had a plan for allowing my illness and amputations to happen.

In true form with 2 Corinthians 1:4, God comforted me in all of my tribulations, so that I can comfort, and encourage other women in theirs. With a recovery that focused on growing my faith, gratitude, joy, and positivity to prepare me for the next stage of my life, He was preparing me for a ministry of leading others to rediscover God's joy, peace, and fulfillment regardless of the struggles they face.

My overall mission is to help women rediscover God's joy, peace, and fulfillment amid their trials by walking more intentionally with God. 

I wholeheartedly believe it's entirely possible to maintain your joy, peace, and positivity through any storms that we face, as long as we have the Lord Jesus Christ in our life. This is the transformation I help you get in my coaching using my MATTR Framework™.

**Totally FREE!**