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31 Books for Spiritual Growth by Christian Bloggers

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I have been blogging for over a year now. And in that time I have met some awesome people and have made some lifelong friends.  Many of my friends are Christian bloggers who have written books for spiritual growth. I would like to present this list to you.  Please check them out, support these women and grow closer to the Lord in the process. It’s a win win for everybody.

Why do we need books for spiritual growth besides the Bible?  Well, the truth is, we don’t! However, you will gain some powerful insight when you read from another’s perspective.   I find that reading another opinion challenges me to dig deeper into God’s Word so that I will understand it better. If I agree with that person, the Holy Spirit will reveal the reasons why.  And if there’s a discrepancy to what I believe, then I will discover the truth.  

In this list you will find devotionals,  journals, motivational books and guides. There are how-to get through the struggle books and Bible stories. I encourage you to check each one out. But select at least one book to grow in your education.  I’m not saying that because I want to sell you a book. I simply believe that information and education helps you grow. And if you are offered books on spiritual growth, well, what a great area to expand your horizons on.  

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Books for Spiritual Growth:   Overcoming challenges

We kick off this amazing list by addressing the challenges that may arise in our lives.  It could be something as simple as needing some inspiration to get you through the hurdles in your life, you may need to lose a few pounds or you need someone to share their heart with you.  But inspiration comes in different ways.

Wendy Wallace from One Exceptional Life 

Victory Over Affliction:   30 Mindset Challenges to Motivate Youflower frame, victory over affliction book cover  This is an inspirational ebook, written by yours truly, designed to help you through any challenge that you may be facing!   30-days of inspiration to boost your day when you’re feeling personal limitations. With each day of Victory Over Affliction, you will receive one of my favorite quotes about overcoming challenges, followed by my experience in applying that quote and creating success in any challenge. Regardless of your limitations, you will be encouraged that you have what it takes to push beyond your obstacles.

grab your free checklist here

Kris Reece from blue and white cover, build a beautiful life out of broken pieces cover

Build a Beautiful Life Out of Broken Pieces

We all have broken pieces in our lives: a dysfunctional or failed relationship, abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety. While no one gets off without experiencing some hurt in this life, you don’t have to remain trapped by the wounds of your past. It is possible to pick up those broken pieces and create something beautiful out of them.  In this powerful book, Kris Reece guides you through practical solutions to overcoming the negative thoughts and patterns of your past. With a mix of inspirational real-life examples, practical exercises and Biblical teachings, you will learn how to rewrite your story–first in your own mind and heart, and then in the circumstances of your life. Don’t let another day go by stuck in frustration and brokenness. Your beautiful life is closer than you think.

Kate Motaung from

A Place to Land:  A Story of Longing and Belonging  airplane in sky a place to land book cover

Place to Land is a globe-spanning memoir that wrestles with the question, “Where is my home?” Motaung authentically shares her brokenness over the divorce of her parents, her gnawing grief over her mother’s death, and the joys and sorrows of her cross-cultural life. Whether or not your struggles are similar to Kate’s—divorce, grief, financial uncertainty—you’ll feel her losses and grow through yours.  Journey with Kate across two continents to find the answer to one of life’s great questions: no matter where we go or what we do, this world is not our home.

Angela Johnson from Christian Blogging Academy

True Transformation: Seven steps to overcome fear & procrastination to follow your God-given purpose

Plus…How constant anxiety and fear can damage your health.  Why you shouldn’t read any other books about procrastination except this one (I promise I have an unselfish reason for this). The deeper reasons why we procrastinate (it’s not just because “life” gets in the way). Ways to slay the dragons that paralyze us and block us from sharing our God-given talents with the world. And what to do after we’ve slain those dragons (i.e. our fears) so we can accomplish those goals God has for us. You can move towards a life free of fear, anxiety, and procrastination.

Also by Angela Johnson from Christian Blogging Academy

Steadfast: A Weight Loss Guide to Banish Yo-Yoscale, stead fast guide to yo yo dieting

You don’t have to be victims of this widespread epidemic known as yo-yo dieting. Using the tools and information I give you in this book, we can all lose weight and lose it for good. Even if you have 200 pounds to lose and you only lose 50 pounds of it and you keep those 50 pounds off, you’ve done something healthy for your body and you should be proud! So let’s go ahead and get started on this journey to permanent weight loss. You have nothing to lose but the weight!

31 books for spiritual growth by christian bloggers

Books for Spiritual Growth:   Parenting & Family

Parenting and family life is not easy.  I don’t know any parent who hasn’t cracked a book to see what others have done in similar situations as theirs. Parents need books for spiritual growth too.  The following books cover everything from teaching discipleship to your kids and loss to mom helps. 

Heather Gillis from 

Waiting For Heaven:  Finding Beauty in the Pain and Strugglesmooth ocean, yellow suset, waiting for heaven book cover  

Life can sometimes lead us to unexpected places, to only leave us broken, desperate, and hurting. Heather Gillis and her husband, Mac, waited in anticipation for the birth of their third child. Like many Christian couples, their dreams and expectations in marriage, parenthood, and daily life developed differently than they’d planned, and left them grieving a life that would never be. Their journey gives insight into a new normal and uncovers the stepping stones of the healing process.

Christina Dronen from Gentle Christian Parenting 

Parenting in Christ: Treasures for Parenting from Jesusman praying at sunset, parenting in christ book cover

This book narrows in on the character and teaching of Jesus as it applies to parenting.This discussion guide does not emphasize rules and formulas, but resting in the way of Christ. It challenges parents to grow in the character and heart of Jesus, and to disciple their children in the same way. Divided into short lessons to fit a busy parent’s schedule, this guide can be used in group discussion or as a devotional. Topics include humility, gratitude, authority, obedience, integrity, mission, repentance, gentleness, righteousness, and parenting in the Spirit. 

Jenn Soehnlin from Embracing Life 

Embracing this Special Life:  Learning To Flourish as a Mother of a Child with Special Needsflower coming up through cement, embracing this special life book cover

There is a unique struggle to keep your faith in God’s goodness while juggling the appointments, stress, grief and loneliness that accompany the special needs parenting journey. Jenn Soehnlin knows these struggles well, and seeks to encourage other mothers with scriptural truths and her vulnerable honesty. 

Lori Ferguson from Encourage Your Spouse 

Moving Past Procrastination to a Great Marriage: Encourage Your Spousesmiling woman and man in car, moving past procrastination book cover

Everyone procrastinates. And procrastination doesn’t just show up in our work life – it’s thriving in relationships also. Our marriage relationships are filled with the poison of procrastination. What happens? Procrastination becomes a real barrier to a life filled with meaning. It also shows up – over time – as a poison that kills our marriages.  In this book, the nine reasons we all procrastinate are spelled out in detail as they appear in marriage, and solutions, and strategies are suggested for each area.

Rose Barnett from 

So you Wanna be a Stay at Home Mom?purple book cover with flowers, so you wanna be a stay at home mom

New or newer mom – are you crying out for a guide to motherhood? Are you wondering if life as a Stay at Home Mom is right for you? Without guidance the overwhelm of mommy responsibilities will crash in on you. Motherhood is a challenge at every stage but starting off right can prevent many unseen pitfalls, as well as a broken and distraught heart. “So You Wanna Be a Stay at Home Mom?” is an easy-to-read guide to navigating finances, criticism, time management and more. Written by a SAHM of more than 10 years, you’ll get a realistic insider’s view of the pros and cons so that you can make an informed and prepared choice.

Jaime Hampton from 

Malnourished: Equipping Parentshands sharing bread, gray shield, malnourished book cover

Are you equipped for the battle?  There is an epidemic of spiritual poverty among today’s children. While some are starving to death, others are actually overfed yet malnourished, due to an abundance of ‘spiritual junk food’ in our western culture.  Using a solid Biblical foundation, Malnourished is a call to action, urging parents to take back their rightful place as the family’s primary provider of spiritual food. In this book, you will find…An abundance of scripture to arm you for battle, A step-by-step plan for assessing, equipping, and discipling the children in your sphere of influence, A list of supplemental books, websites and assessments, and the “40 Days of Feeding Your Family” challenge- an opportunity to put what you’ve learned into action

Malnourished: Bible Study Companion for Womenhands sharing bread, gray shield, malnourished book cover, bible study

The Malnourished Bible Study Companion for Women will help you apply the biblical truths found in the book to your own unique situation. Regardless of whether you are a married or single mother, you will come away from this study with a better understand of God’s specific calling on your life to spiritually feed your children. In addition to thought-provoking discussion questions, in each lesson you will find a scripture relevant to the week’s topic, an application exercise, and a prayer to strengthen you on each step of your eight-week journey. Whether you begin this study on your own or in a group, be ready to come away equipped with practical tools, as well as a clearer vision and renewed passion for discipling your children.

Devotional Books for Spiritual Growth

I love devotionals!  This group of books will definitely guide you in your path to grow with Jesus.  We’ve got some incredible women teaching how to deepen your faith and some instructing you in your day to day growth.  So much to choose from.  I’m sure you’ll find a perfect fit for you.

Sarah Geringer from 

Transforming Your Thought Life: Christian Meditation in Focushands clasped over bible, transforming your thought life book cover

Transforming Your Thought Life offers guided meditations and personal examples that will help you train your mind to stay grounded in God’s Word. Each chapter examines a particular kind of negative thought pattern and provides key Bible verses and prayers for standing strong against it. Day by day, as you hide God’s Word in your heart and mind, you will move closer to the heart and mind of God.

Victoria Tiffany from Quiet Time With Jesus

My Daily Bible Study Journal: A Simple Guide to Taking Bible Study Notespink flowers, my daily bible study journal book cover

Reading scriptures and gaining revelation from what you have read is not always easy. However, the more you read the scriptures and focus on what God is trying to say to you, the less difficult it becomes. The Daily Bible Study Journal gives you a daily chart to guide you and help you to comprehend the scriptures.

Arabah Joy from

Trust Without Borders: A 40-Day Devotional Journey to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in Godwoman in black looking at ocean, trust without borders book cover

Trust Without Borders is a vulnerable and compelling 40 day devotional intended to deepen, strengthen, and stretch the reader’s trust in God. This unique devotional is story- driven, taking the reader on a magnificent journey from leafy suburban America to the chaotic streets of Asia. Part memoir and part spiritual guide, Trust Without Borders gently weaves biblical truth with life’s everyday situations, from the daily mundane of dishes and laundry to helping a needy stranger on a crowded subway. The result is an invitation for you too to see every aspect of your life as an opportunity to trust God, an invitation to trust without borders.

Betty Predmore from Common-Sense, Inc.

Whispered Graceblue background, brown circlem whispered grace book cover

Whispered Grace is a devotional book filled with heart warming, inspiring, and encouraging devotions based on the Word of God, designed to help women live life in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, with faith and confidence. Betty shares devotions based on her own thoughts and life experiences that are certain to move you to tears, make you bubble up with laughter, and inspire you to face life head on with humor and boldness. Whispered Grace has been written for every woman, regardless of their life circumstances.

SA Foster from Honorable Distinction

Woman of Honorable Distinction: Lessons from Lydiapurple tulip, green background, woman of honorable distinction book cover

No matter where you are in your life right now, you can distinguish yourself as a woman of honorable distinction. A woman of honorable distinction is one who stands apart from the rest because of her integrity and faith. Her reputation speaks for itself and she demands respect. In the Bible, in the book of Acts, we meet a woman named Lydia. She is a worshiper, a businesswoman, and a loyal friend. She is a persuasive woman who has a positive impact on her household and those around her. Lydia is a woman of honorable distinction. As you journey through this story of Lydia, you will learn nine valuable lessons on how to distinguish yourself in your everyday life. Like Lydia, you can become the woman of excellence that you were always meant to be – a woman of honorable distinction.

Leah Lesesne from Shelemah 

Healing in the Hebrew Months: A Biblical Understanding of Each Season’s Emotional Healing multiple fruit, blue background, healing in the hebrew months book cover

Imagine the breakthroughs you’d find if you could synchronize your watch with God’s and copy his day-planner. It doesn’t take a supernatural revelation of his divine will – it’s exactly what’s possible for you when you follow the patterns God already laid out in the Hebrew calendar and explore the emotional themes in each month! After all, Ecclesiastes does say there is a time for every purpose under heaven.  In this book:  You’ll gain a biblical foundation of understanding the Hebrew calendar and the overall themes of each month. You’ll begin to watch how these themes play out personally in your own life.  And you will see how the Hebrew months are mentioned throughout scripture and how they speak prophetically of Jesus our Messiah.

Tona Haywood from Called to Edify

Seek Him First: A 31-Day Devotional With Journalpink book cover, path through woods, seek him first devotional

Written especially for women who desire to Seek God First, this month long daily devotional journal will allow you to continuously meditate on God’s word with a unique blend of scripture, poetic biblical inspiration, and prayer. There is also a separate page for your own thoughts and reflections. This devotional journal will nourish your soul and touch your heart, and the hearts of others, with daily biblical reminders of God’s love, wisdom, faithfulness, grace, mercy, and sovereignty.

Biblical Books for Spiritual Growth 

Your first choice here is a series of books to teach help families to learn more of the Bible and includes tons of pictures and stories.  Your second choice is a wonderful Christian fiction book that will give you something to unwind to, the story is derived from the book of Matthew.  Take yourself back to Jesus’s day and see what it was like to live in His neighborhood. 

Jennifer Miller Love from Intentional Traditions 

3 pack brown books of the bible in storiesBible in Stories

Helping Families Understand & Remember More of the Bible…400 Bible Stories that Teach and Inspire, 1,500+ Full Color Memory Pictures 1,400+ Review & Application Questions 599 Topics in the Topical Index to Find Answers FAST, 3 Volumes in Easy to Read Print, Designed for Adults and Children Alike, 17,000+ Customers and counting! 

Katrina Hamel from 

Dividing Swordwoman pink shawl crying, covered man, dividing sword book cover

See the ministry of Jesus through fresh eyes—the eyes of a woman and a Pharisee.  This is a Christian fiction book.  Inspired by the Gospel of Matthew, Dividing Sword shows the real struggles of encountering Christ. Follow Beth and Reuben as they grapple to keep their families and dreams intact in the wake of a controversial new rabbi.  Beth and Reuben are cousins and best friends growing up in first-century Capernaum. Despite their nation’s suffering under the thumb of Rome, both have clear hopes for the future, and when Jesus comes along they find their fates spiraling in directions they did not expect.

Creative Books for Spiritual Growth 

Who doesn’t like to journal and color?  Dig into some great reminders of all you have to be thankful for.  Journal through a place of gratitude and color your way to a closer relationship with the Lord.  These aren’t all journals, but devotionals as well.  

Mamie Pack from 

Do Less, Live More: A Gratitude Journalgreen book cover, pink orange spots, do less live more

Start your day doing less stress striving in you and living more in Christ with our 52 week journal. This journal is designed to help you focus less on the stress of this life and focus more on seeing the good around you.

Ami Coote from Hebrews 12 Endurance

How to find your Gratitude Attitudered roses book cover, how to find your gratitude attitude

Having a gratitude attitude is a choice. But how do we choose thankfulness when it seems as though everything that can go wrong in our lives, has gone wrong? How do we remember to be grateful when everyone else seems to have more than we do? We change our mindset. How to Find Your Gratitude Attitude is an invitation to change the way you look at your life in its current state. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, remind yourself to be grateful for the good things in your life. This 21-day devotional will encourage you to find and keep your gratitude attitude. Each day looks at different things which can affect your gratitude attitude: loneliness, envy, forgetfulness and many more. How to Find Your Gratitude Attitude challenges the reader to live a live with intention. A life of thankfulness in Christ will banish ingratitude so you can live your best life now.

Grab your gratitude Journal here

JoDitt Williams from 

Delight in the Word of God, Volume 1 – Favorite Scriptures: A Devotional Coloring Book and Journal for Adults (Delight in the Word of God Coloring Books)coloring page, blue book cover, delight in the word of god

Cute journal pages & heart-felt devotionals make this MORE THAN JUST A COLORING BOOK!  “Delight in the Word of God Coloring Book & Journal for Adults” is a delightful tool to help you connect with Jesus and hide God’s Word in your heart in a relaxing and fun way.  Each coloring page has an adjacent journal page and a corresponding devotional. The devotional will draw your focus onto Jesus as you read about the author’s experiences related to her favorite Scriptures. The journal pages allow you ample space to express your creativity while recording your thoughts, observations and prayers.

Books for Spiritual Growth:  Personal Growth with Jesus

Do you want more for your life, but still want to please God?  This selection of books for spiritual growth includes topics for personal growth all while finding rest in the arms of the Lord.  How do you find your purpose as a Christian?   Are there others who struggle with the same things as you do?  You’ll find some great options here.

Kris Reece from 

Make it Matter:  A Roadmap to Living a Life of Purposewoman in field, arm in air, blue sky, make it matter book cover

Have you ever wondered what God wants you to do with your life?  Too often we keep ourselves so busy responding to demands that we never get around to doing the things we love and growing into the people we were created to be. We watch others fulfilling their God-given purpose and wonder why we feel so stuck.  No matter your age, status, or upbringing, God has created you will a very unique purpose. He needs your talent, your temperament, and your tenacity to fulfill it. In Make It Matter, Christian life coach and veteran author Kris Reece provides a step-by-step, straightforward roadmap to making your life matter.  Imagine: -Knowing what God wants you to do with your life -Discovering your gifts and passions and using them to benefit others -Addressing whatever’s been holding you back from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life -Having the skills and the confidence to step out into your calling.

Kate Motaung from

Influence: Building a Platform that Elevates Jesus (Not Me)white lifeguard stand at blue ocean, influence book cover

In today’s digital world, speakers and writers are expected to grow their own following–or platform of influence–before gaining access to a microphone or book contract. But as a Christian, is there a way to gather followers and still follow Jesus? Is it possible to both build up your stats and take up your cross? How can you reconcile promoting yourself when you’re called to humble yourself, or elevating your name when you’re commissioned to elevate Christ’s? In this book, you’re invited to a platform-building coaching session with the carpenter from Nazareth. Join the authors in this challenge to acknowledge the tension, set aside fears, examine hidden motives, and embrace the high calling of serving Christ.

Heather Hart from Candidly Christian  

Candid Conversations: Real Women. Real Life. Real Faithpink daisy and background, coffee cup, candid conversations book cover

Life isn’t always sunshine and chocolate. It’s hard. Being a Christian doesn’t change that.  In Candid Conversations you’ll read real life stories from real Christian women, and how God has used their struggles to either refine their faith or used their faith to help them weather the storm. From struggling with doubts to dealing with the loss of a loved one, these women lay it all out. They aren’t afraid to get real, because they know God can use their struggles to inspire, encourage, and reach others all for His glory.  The author encourages readers to be honest and look for ways they can relate to each story. Then take that mentality into their everyday lives and start having candid conversations with those around them. Because when we share our struggles, when we are real, that’s when we truly point others to Jesus.

Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien from Adorned in Armor

Claim Your Crown: Walking in Confidence and Worth as a Daughter of the Kingpretty smiling brown girl in pink, claim your crown book cover

Young women are deeply dissatisfied with society’s standards (and double standards). They want more for themselves–but sometimes they don’t quite know what that more should be.  Through her insightful comments on media, pop culture, and pervading cultural myths about beauty, fashion, and womanhood, Tarah-Lynn dismantles the messages that feed into the insecurities, fears, doubts, and guilt that young women experience today. She introduces them to an understanding of God as a loving Father and the King of all kings, who bestows upon his daughters a crown of love, worth, and power. And she shows them how to not only claim the promises of God but also walk purposefully in them as independent women (no prince necessary!) who respond to adversity with righteousness and authority.

Alyssa Avant from

FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Profitswoman leaping at beach, faith leaps book cover

Is This You?. . . Do you believe God has placed a purpose and plan in your heart for business? Do you need help channeling your passion into profits? Are you scared to death to pursue the plans you believe God has placed in your heart for business? This Book is for You If . . . You’ve Ever Considered Taking . . . A Leap of Faith. You wish to FIND or FOLLOW your Passion. You wonder . . . Why Not Just Get a Job? You Just Want to Be Heard. You Know You Have What It Takes. You Have Considered Choosing to Follow Your Passion and Purpose . . . Even if it Scares You to Death. You Want to Shine. You Just Want to Share a Message that You Feel Strongly About Deep Down Inside. You Just Want to DO IT! You Want to Feel Connection With Other Moms Who Are Like-Minded. You Wonder . . . How Will I Balance Everything? You Are Concerned about the Money. What You Will Gain by Reading This Book? . . . Courage to help you take your Faith Leap. An understanding of how to pinpoint your passion.

Christa Hutchins from Do a New Thing

Moving Forward: Inspiration for the Go-Getter Jesus Girl  drawing of woman at computer, moving forward book cover

ARE YOU A GO-GETTER JESUS GIRL WHO GOT STUCK CHASING HER DREAM? Instead of searching for motivation in that third (or fourth!) cup of coffee, what you really need is a shot of inspiration from God’s Word. Christa Hutchins is a master of mining truth to remind us of why we do what we do and for Whom we do it. In Moving Forward: Inspiration for the Go-Getter Jesus Girl, you’ll find short devotions and engaging questions to help you get unstuck. Whether you need to Dream A Dream, Make A Plan, Find Your People, or just Do The Thing, these practical insights from God’s Word will inspire you to take the next step forward. This book will: Remind you that you aren’t alone, Help you recover your passion and motivation, Inspire you to walk confidently in your calling.  If you are looking for motivation to move forward with your dream, this book is for you!

Patsy Burnette from Insta Encouragements 

The Heart That Heals: Healing Our Brokenness Through the Promises of Godpink flowers, the heart that heals book cover

The Heart That Heals is centered around Psalm 46:10a, Be still, and know that I am God. It’s a book about healing our brokenness. It’s about doing the next thing, and sometimes, the next thing is to be still, and know that He is God. This book is full of Scripture and practical application. Each chapter will challenge you to reflect, apply, pray, meditate on and memorize Scripture. It’s your homework but in a good way.

There you have it!  Here is a great list of 31 books for spiritual growth.  I’m sure that you can find a few great resources in this list.  These books make great gifts. So save this post for future reference.  

I would like to thank all of these ladies for contributing their hard work. It’s not easy to write a book. But by God’s wonderful grace, it can be done.  Which book is your favorite? Leave your comments and reviews below. Also, we appreciate your reviews on Amazon once you’ve read our books.

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  1. These books look awesome! I will definitely be reading a few. I’m a book lover and even more so if the books are about growing in my faith. As you mentioned at the beginning we don’t really need any book other than the Bible, but one thing I do believe about reading other authors is the insights they have. God does us all of us to grow in our faith. “Iron sharpens iron,” the Proverbs says. Great list here! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Marcie! I’m so glad you enjoyed this list of books for spiritual growth. Iron does sharpen iron. If we aren’t growing, we’re moving backward, right?

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